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Caution.png Note that the following article is not necessarily accurate as it is a chronicling of data on player-owned locations. Because this is census data concerning player-owned establishments, housing or locations, the data on this page may be out of date or may be have been edited for privacy. These pages should not include any player information on non-publicly accessible locations or information considered game-secrets.

At a Glance Listing for Housing in province of Forfedhdar.

Ain Ghazal Subterranean HousingAin GhazalUpper
ThiefClan141529 June 12
Boar Clan HousingBoar ClanMiddleRuralFreeGor'Togs
Clan2123 September 2020
Empath Guildhall (Hibarnhvidar)HibarnhvidarMiddleUrbanDoorEmpathCity2519 May 2019
Gor'Tog DistrictHibarnhvidarUpper
UrbanFreeGor'TogsCity4719 May 2019
Harst HaalmHibarnhvidarLowerUrbanFreeDwarvesCity4419 May 2019
Midhik HaalmHibarnhvidarMiddleUrbanFreeDwarvesCity2519 May 2019
Raven's Nest DormatoryRaven's PointMiddleUrbanDoorCity1419 May 2019
Raven's Point Town SquareRaven's PointMiddleUrbanFreeCity1419 May 2019
Tower BaseHibarnhvidarUpperUrbanFreeDwarvesCity3419 May 2019
Vela'tohr Valley Cleric's CloistersVela'tohr ValleyMiddleUrbanDoorClericNone4519 May 2019

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