Gor'Tog District

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Gor'Tog District
Location: Hibarnhvidar, Forfedhdar (RanikMap116)
Class / Type: Middle, Upper / Urban
Restrictions: Gor'Tog
Justice: City
Form: Free
Homes (Free): 7 (4)
Last Checked: 27 Apr 2018

Gor'Tog District.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Rocky Trail - 1 Upper Class, Urban Gor'Tog Lovasus looming granite manor
Rocky Trail - 2 Middle Class, Urban Gor'Tog Unclaimed white washed cottage
Rocky Trail - 3 Middle Class, Urban Gor'Tog Ianin red sandstone cottage
Pebble Lane - 4 Middle Class, Urban Gor'Tog Unclaimed cozy fir-trimmed cottage
Pebble Lane - 5 Middle Class, Urban Gor'Tog Unclaimed oak frame cottage
Pebble Lane - 6 Middle Class, Urban Gor'Tog Francescana cedar plank cottage with a dragon-shaped cast iron lantern mounted by its entrance
Pebble Lane - 7 Middle Class, Urban Gor'Tog Unclaimed grey stucco cottage

Pickable Items

[Gor'Tog District, Rocky Trail]
A few hardy mountain goats, seemingly more intent on their grazing than on the world around them, roam within the confines of a whitewashed picket fence. Two rain barrels sit on either side of a small, neat vegetable garden, which thrives despite the rocky soil, a testament to the determination of the Gor'Togs who live here. You also see a red sandstone cottage.
Obvious exits: east, west.

In the Rocky Trail section of housing, you will find a garden that has seasonal vegetables you can pick:

Pastry Merchant

[Outer Hibarnhvidar, Valley Road]
Squeezed between the soaring mountains, the narrow road curves northwest where helter-skelter construction is an ongoing process. A small shed built in front of a house shelters an old woman whose griddles and batter spread the scent of vanilla and butter into the Gor'Tog district to the south as she cooks adogbargs to sell for a pittance.
Obvious exits: northeast, south, northwest.

During the daytime only, at the intersection where the Gor'Tog District turns into the Valley Roads, there is a merchant that sells these pastries.

On the narrow counter in the shed
Item Price Done
some lightly browned adogbarg 16