Empath Guildhall (Hibarnhvidar)

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This Empath Guildhall is located in the Upper Cavern area of Inner Hibarnhvidar. The Guildleader at this hall is Dagreth. In addition to the Guild services, this building contains a housing area, refreshments, a library and multiple items for Empaths to interact within the guild to receive memories and visions of Guild history.

The Hibarnhvidar Empath Guild Crest:

an open hand cradling a hammer and anvil

[Empaths' Guild, Entry]
Golden-hued marble flooring flows to grey granite walls that vault high. Thick oak beams crisscross overhead, with a copper lantern suspended from each cross section, to keep the shadows at bay. Facing the arch to the cavern, an enormous tapestry composed of two horizontal panels drapes from ceiling to floor, its presence diminishing the echoes caused by the marble floor.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest

[Empaths' Guild, East Hall]
Small niches pepper the main wall, each fitted with a faceted crystal lens encircled by an iron frame. Tiny iron hinges to the left of each lens indicate a method of access to the candles that nestle in the niches. When lit, the glowing image of a riolur leaf casts a sprinkling of rainbows across the floor.
Obvious exits: east, southwest, northwest.

[Empaths' Guild, East Hall]
Large iron lanterns depend from the ceiling and host a multitude of candles that brighten the hall to a near daylight glow. The majority of the light focuses on a mural that dominates the southern wall, stretching from floor to ceiling. Due to the earthy tones and raised sections on the mural, the light casts shadows that seem to shift and move along the wall at different points.
Obvious exits: east, west.

[Empaths' Guild, East Gallery]
Down the center of the floor, a blue rug edged with black cord lines up evenly with the walls on each side. The hall, and the rug, ends at a pair of ornate glass doors mounted with silver-finished handles. The doors curve at the top, flaring slightly where they meet the hinges on either side.
Obvious exits: west.
Mapped exits: go glass doors

[Empaths' Guild, Library]
Spacious and well lit, the library has plenty of seating covered in lush wine-colored fabric. Desks and bookcases in warm wood tones complement the fabric, giving the room a serene, comforting glow. A bespectacled young man sits at an information desk, quietly scribing on parchment as his finger taps absently against an open book. Behind him, a large case holds the most frequently requested tomes.
You also see some frosted glass doors.
Obvious exits: None.

[Empaths' Guild, West Hall]
Tucked into the wall, a shallow alcove houses a bubbling fountain. Fresh orange blossoms float in the glass basin of the fountain, illuminated from beneath by a carefully positioned candle. Copper-colored curtains, tied back with black silk cord, frame the space. A small mirror is mounted at the curve of the hallway leading westward to prevent collisions with those needing to turn the corner in a hurry.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast, west.

[Empaths' Guild, West Hall]
A simple oak bench sits against the wall, padded with a smooth leather cover. Across the hall, marble columns support a latticed arch. Woven through the lattice, silk jadice flowers coil and twine around a glass representation of the Empath Guild crest. A small sign, mounted on the left column, bids welcome in many languages.
You also see a bucket of gloop.
Obvious exits: east, west.

[Empaths' Guild, West Hall]
Down the center of the floor, a tan rug edged with gold cord lines up evenly with the walls on each side. The hall and the rug end at a large oak door that is partially ajar. Brass sconces flank the door, the candles inside flickering and leaving a thin layer of dark soot on the granite.
Obvious exits: east.
Mapped exits: go oak door

[Empaths' Guild, Guildleader's Office]
A large fireplace, carved deeply into the granite wall, dominates the space. The logs inside glow red, as if the fire inside had just died down. To the right of the fireplace sit a plain desk and chair, stained in a dark finish. Muted green glass lanterns hang at various points in the room, the largest centered over the desk. Matching bookcases stand against the wall, their contents piled up and overflowing in stacks on the floor nearby.
You also see Guildleader Dagreth Rendarak, a memory orb and an oak door.
Obvious exits: none.
Mapped exits: go oak door

[Empaths' Guild, North Hall]
Uncluttered by artifacts, the marble floor stretches across a broad, open area. Against the south wall, a golden velvet curtain tied back with a matching cord partially shrouds a staircase that spirals downward. A large break in the wall opposite the stair accesses a passage leading north.
Obvious exits: north, southeast, southwest.

[Empaths' Guild, North Hall]
The hall narrows, decorated with clusters of portraits and paintings on the western wall. The eastern wall is blank but for a single painting surrounded by a gilded frame. To the right of the frame, a small brass plaque embedded in the granite identifies the picture.
Obvious exits: north, south.

[Empaths' Guild, North Gallery]
Here the passage widens again, giving way to a large arch that marks the transition into a broad room beyond. The lighting is subtle, as if to soothe and hush the regular bustle of the guildhall. An elaborately arranged stone jadice flower tiles the floor below the arch.
Obvious exits: south.
Mapped exits: go arch

[Empaths' Guild, Lower Floor]
A spiraling staircase coils against the wall flanked by iron banisters embedded in the granite for additional safety. Tucked into the curve of the staircase sits a large settee covered in a burnished gold fabric. A woven grass mat spans the oddly shaped floor, fitted carefully around the curves of the walls and staircase and halting a few inches short of a blue-tiled arch. You also see a round three-legged table with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the round three-legged table
Item Price Done
some deep red wine 0   !!
some svenblom cheese 0   

[Empaths' Guild, Antechamber]
Cool blue and green tiles fan out from the arch to sprinkle the floors and walls of this small dressing room which smells slightly of damp. Warm air gusts through a doorway to the north, bringing with it the sounds of trickling water. Near the doorway, hooks line the wall, some holding assorted colored towels. A smooth wooden bench provides seating for those who wish to change.
Obvious exits: None.
Mapped exits: go tiled arch, go doorway.

[Empaths' Guild, Warm Springs]
A large cavern filled with gently bubbling water spans the space, with only a small ledge running around the rim. Granite below the water near the ledges allows for easy footing when entering or exiting the pool before it descends into darkness at the midpoint. A discarded red towel lies forgotten near the doorway to the dressing room.
Obvious exits: none.
Mapped exits: go doorway, go pool

[Warm Springs, Shallow End]
Sloping from the outer ledge to a level just at a Human male's knee, the pool deepens gradually, allowing guests to relax at their own comfort. Soothing waters lightly scented with something similar to eucalyptus bubble lightly, frothing slightly from the agitation. At the center of this section, a flattened stone protrudes from the water, the surface darkened in patches from the damp.
Obvious exits: north.

[Warm Springs, Deep End]
The granite slope ends suddenly, giving way to a deep pool of water that not even a Gor'Tog can stand in. At the back of the pool, a large stack of chiseled stone slabs rises high, with runnels extending beneath an overhang and out of sight to funnel water out of the spring. At the top of the pile, one slab extends out over the center of the pool.
Obvious exits: south.

[Empaths' Guild, Social Lounge]
Plush rugs in shades of blue and purple carpet the ground, quieting passing footsteps. Large leather sofas and chairs cluster in small groups, occasionally decorated with throw pillows designed to coordinate with the rugs. In the far corner, a small grated fireplace set into the wall lends warmth to a room surrounded by cool granite. A stone staircase nestles against the eastern wall. You also see a laden buffet with several things on it and an arch.
Obvious exits: none.

On the laden buffet
Item Price Done
a rich chocolate cheesecake swirled with a thick raspberry ribbon 0   !!
a pitcher of blocil berry cider 0   !!
some buttery crescent rolls 0   !!
a bowl of tossed green salad with blocil berry vinaigrette dressing 0   !!
some striped chocolate unicorns 0   !!
some wine-poached pears 0   
some salted pine nuts 0   !!
some hot chocolate 0   !!

[Empaths' Guild, Hall of Healing]
Shaded lanterns softly illuminate the gauzy, natural beige fabric draping the walls. A woven reed chair thickly padded and covered with a white cotton material sits against the wall beneath a blue painting. Under the chair sits a matching footstool. The arms of the chair are shaped to resemble crutches, the sides arcing inward slightly before joining and descending to the floor.
You also see a stone staircase and a brass-trimmed laurelwood door.
Obvious exits: east, west.
Mapped exits: climb staircase

[Empaths' Guild, Hall of Battle]
A dark red carpet covers the floor of a hallway dimly illuminated by guttering iron wall sconces. An armor stand against one wall features a chainmail armor display, with some links rusted, broken, or bloodstained. At the display's feet rest a battered shield emblazoned with the Empath Guild crest and a bundle of dried flowers tied with a sapphire-blue ribbon. Mounted on the wall, a wooden plaque featuring brass nameplates lists some of those lost in the fields.
You also see a rough-hewn basalt arch and a renown scroll.
Obvious exits: northeast, east.

[Empaths' Guild, Hall of Guardians]
A fabricated tree extends from the wall, its created branches twisting and dipping overhead. Tiny images of woodwisps peep down through the branches. Painted on the wall, as if standing in the shadow of the tree, an alfar stands proudly, head angled to look in the distance.
You also see an iron-trimmed pine door.
Obvious exits: southeast, southwest.

[Empaths' Guild, Hall of Research]
Smelling slightly of crushed blocil berries, the hall features a marble-topped counter against one wall. A copper basin with a small drain is mounted on one side of the counter, while the other side features a stove and other assorted experimental tools. Above the counter, a plain wooden cabinet with clear glass doors displays shelves of mortars and jars ready for use.
You also see a fir door decoratively studded with brass nails.
Obvious exits: southwest, northwest.

[Empaths' Guild, Hall of Three]
Like walking into a painting, the walls of this hall are filled with color and images. Near the ceiling, shades of the sky at dawn meld into the yellowish glows of daybreak. Beneath the sky, painted scenes flow from frozen barren wasteland to the early life of spring to wheat fields in the full growth of harvest. In the center, a unicorn and a cow stand together, a foreleg of each touching the other lightly. Nearly hidden in the grasses, an adder coils tightly around the touching forelegs.
You also see a brass-trimmed walnut door deeply etched with the image of a rearing unicorn.
Obvious exits: northeast, west.


Empath Guildhall (Hibarnhvidar)
Location: Hibarnhvidar, Forfedhdar (RanikMap118c)
Class / Type: Middle / Urban
Restrictions: Empath
Justice: city
Form: Door
Homes (Free): 5 (3)
Last Checked: 11 Aug 2022

Hibarnhvidar Empath Guild.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Hall of Healing - 1 Middle Class, Urban Empath Unclaimed brass-trimmed laurelwood door
Hall of Battle - 2 Middle Class, Urban Empath Sarkranis rough-hewn basalt arch
Hall of Guardians - 3 Middle Class, Urban Empath Unclaimed wooden door with a wolf's head knocker
Hall of Research - 4 Middle Class, Urban Empath Hhrkhihat fir door decoratively studded with brass nails
Hall of Three - 5 Middle Class, Urban Empath Unclaimed brass-trimmed walnut door