House of the Ivory Scroll

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One of the clans of the Elothean nation.

The most quiet of the Houses, this is the only House that one must be born into to be a part of. The leaders tend toward male or female; there is no bias. Children always have blue eyes and sandy blonde or brown hair. Betrayal is death. Many members are Traders, Moon Mages, or Bards; all carry with them a certain dignified air, as if they hold an exclusive position in society. Many Eloths dislike the House of the Ivory Scroll intensely, but bear with them because of their vast acquirement of knowledge, large store of money, and frequently poignant arguments.

Gerenshuge Name: Shoana ilet Lamiir Fenasta.
Crest: A garland of kelpbells surrounds a scroll bound in gold on a green field.
Official Colors: Pale green and gold.
Current Leader: Chythewloa Aedash.