House of the Silk Strings

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One of the clans of the Elothean nation.

This is the house that produces the most savants, for it is the house of Bards and Traders. The House of the Silk Strings has no particular favorite as far as gender of the leader goes, although they do tend toward the masculine. The house of the Silk Strings has mostly blue or violet-eyed children with platinum hair. Entrance requires a playing of some stringed instrument, or a small fee. Disloyalty is punishable with expulsion, but the member may try to get back in, except that initiation requires the composition of a song that must be played on the instrument, claiming why you wish to belong once more to the house, or a much larger fee. Disloyalty after that is not suffered, and two times a traitor means initiation not a third time.

Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Yeno Tiapla.

Crest: A lyre and a vase with blue and violet lotuses ringed by silver coins on a gold field.

Official colors: Amaranth and platinum.

Current leader: Neineloa Diaka'a Naethel.