Houses Consulate

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Located in the building just over the bridge from the Tower of Greenwalls, which is found in SouthEast Shard, you can find basic information about each of the Elothean Houses as well as a scroll, found on the top floor, for Elotheans to JOIN a house.

[Houses Consulate, Silk Strings]
Small groups of Elotheans huddle around dark oblong tables, deeply engrossed in the unfurled song scrolls which cover the surfaces. An assortment of refreshments is on a squat oak table near the entrance of the chamber, very close to a lavishly dressed minstrel strumming her mandolin. Her songs of war, peace, and heartbreak are improvised into one continuous song, interrupted only when she pauses to write down a word or two that pleases her. You also see a pale gold silk banner hung near the window and a squat oak table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the squat oak table
Item Price Done
a white earthenware terrine filled with cool green watercress soup 0   
several ornately decorated porcelain bottles filled with warm Elothean rice wine 0   
a silver urn of strong black coffee 0   
some baked cheese twists 0   
a bottle of clear plum wine 0   
a tall glass pitcher of fresh spring water 0