House of the Rowan Branch (group)

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One of the clans of the Elothean nation.

This House also serves as a religious asylum; their monastery is a haven for lost souls. The leaders are a triad; one male, one female, and one eunuch. Children who are born of the House of the Rowan Branch are invariably silver-haired and gray-eyed; solemn colors for a solemn house. Entrance is a year-long pledge of silence; if broken, the person is not turned out of the House, but they are no longer viable as an initiate until five years time has passed. If, after initiation, they are disloyal to the House, they are taken to a high precipice where they are tied down and left to "the will of the gods". If, after a week's time, they still live, they are taken back into the House and restored to their full status. Because of its harsh living and severe penalties, this is the smallest of the Houses, but also one of the most powerful.

Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Rowana Aganu.

Crest: A red-berried rowan branch encircling a tomb on a grey field.

Official colors: Vermilion and alabaster.

Current leader: Sainyuso Neineloa Fyearik'a Ithna.

The current location of the House building can be found in Garden Crescent area near the interior south gate of Shard.