House of the Grey Storm (location)

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More information about the House history and structure can be found on the House of the Grey Storm (group) page.

The House grounds and buildings that are made available to the public can be found within Shard, thru an iron gate on Garden Crescent, near the inner South Gate. Within the grounds are a number of refreshments and Picked Flora as documented below.

House Grounds Open to the Public

[House of the Grey Storm, Entrance Garden]
Massive wrought-iron gates mark the only break in the walls of polished marble that enclose this meticulously manicured compound. Statuesque tiger lilies rise in neat rows from mounds of grey-green foliage to either side of the slate walkway. Silk pennants line the path, each lit by its own gaethzen orb. To the northeast, two large stone towers flank a series of small gardens.
Obvious paths: northeast.


[House of the Grey Storm, Garden of Heroes]
Standing astride platforms of charcoal basalt, a row of solemn bronze statues rings this circular garden. White chrysanthemums cascade from large stone urns between the figures, and a formal planting in the center of the area pairs irises with a solitary gnarled cherry tree. To the north, a graceful lacquered footbridge leads across a crescent-shaped pool while an archway leads into the eastern tower.
You also see the western tower and the eastern tower.
Obvious paths: southwest.


[House of the Grey Storm, Water Garden]
Sheltered between the mighty towers, brightly colored carp swim among the water lilies and hyacinths that rise gracefully from leathery pads in a placid, crescent-shaped pool. Surrounding a large, water-filled basin at the center of the garden, several cherrywood benches sit near the pond's edge. Opposite a stone arch leading deeper into the gardens, a lacquered footbridge reaches across the water to the south.
Obvious paths: none.


[House of the Grey Storm, Fire Garden]
Crimson and vermillion spiraea tumble profusely from raised planters as vines of yellow and orange trumpet flowers lick their way up the slender pillars that form this circular, open-air colonnade. The garden is focused around a courtyard of fused obsidian with an iron disc at its center. From the disc erupts a perpetual flame. You also see some slender pillars.
Obvious paths: none.


[House of the Grey Storm, Sky Bridge]
Black and grey slate tiles stretch across the bridge that ties the two towers together in an elaborate knotwork mosaic. The pattern is accented by the tiny, almost translucent, white flowers that grow between each square. Pale morning glories cling to the balustrade of polished marble that encloses the area. At its center rises an obelisk surrounded by delicate, pearlescent orchids.
You also see a thick door leading into the western tower and a heavy door leading into the eastern tower.
Obvious paths: none.


[House of the Grey Storm, Dining Hall]
Low, round tables of highly polished blackwood are scattered over the heavy woven rug underfoot. Bright candelabra fill the room with light reflected from pale yellow crystal, lending it a mellow ambience absent from the rest of the austere towers. Sideboards heaped with food are placed against a marble wall near the entrance, refilled at all hours for those mages who would burn the midnight oil.
You also see a blackwood chair, an open door leading to the kitchen and a blackwood arch.
Obvious paths: none.

On the sideboard
Item Price Done
bowl of chilled tomato soup with a dollop of parsley cream 0   
dish of creamy egg custard with a sticky caramel sauce 0   
finely glazed urn of green tea 0   
honey creampuff 0   
kettle of honey-lemon tea 0   
kettle of warm apple cider 0   
platter filled with savory dumplings stuffed with apple-roasted boar meat and served with a light ginger sauce 0   
pot of carrot and rabbit stew with leeks and chervil 0   
salad of watercress and tiny wild carrots in a savory mustard vinnaigrette 0   
silver bowl filled with crisp sugared almonds lightly dusted with cinnamon 0   
steaming cauldron of a delicious snowbeast stew 0   
succulent plum-roasted peccary 0   
tomato-herb flatbread 0   
rotating stock