Elothean House Crests

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Elothean House crests should only be given to members of that house. Only Elotheans can be part of an Elothean house at this time.

Elothean Houses
House of the All-Seeing Eye A dark pupilless eye painted with the subtle hues of dusk kissed with emerald. Chaotic highlights of color seemingly churn within the depths of the open eye, creating an almost hypnotic effect.
(An infamous clan of the Elothean nation, purported not to exist.)
Note: NEVER to be used in alterations of ANY kind
House of the Black Fang Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Sibo Dernaka.
Crest: A curving white fang on a half-circle on a black field.
(This House has been dead since the Elven-Human War.)
House of the Floating Reed Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Liianil Remalta.
Crest: An oval ringed by leaning tan reeds on a blue field.
Official Colors: Green and azure.
House of the Gentle Lion Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Irii Nla.
Crest: A gold lion lying on lotus blossoms with a white foal between its paws on a blue field.
Official colors: Tawny gold and amethyst.
(Almost an exclusively Paladin-based House.)
House of the Gilded Longleaf Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Ysen Ilaarnu.
Crest: A hand holding an orange and brown gatekeeper butterfly surrounded by a wreath of longleaf fir boughs on a green field.
Official Colors: Sable and amber.
House of the Glittering Diadem Gerenshuge Name: Shoana ilet Miilnil Kiaar.
Crest: A golden diadem on a blue field.
(The only way to become a part of it is to be adopted by the ruling Ferdahl.)
House of the Grey Storm Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Dilaan Aurdru.
Crest: A grey and black diamond with a lightning bolt in the upper half and red roots across the black.
Official colors: Charcoal-grey and silver.
(This House produces the most Warrior Mages.)
House of the Ivory Scroll Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Lamiir Fenasta.
Crest: A garland of kelpbells surrounds a scroll bound in gold on a green field.
Official colors: Pale green and gold.
(Must be born into this House.)
House of the Marching Lotus Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Kiril Shaa.
Crest: Three rows of five black lotus blossoms on a purple field.
(This House has been dead since the Elven-Human War.)
House of the Rowan Branch Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Rowana Aganu.
Crest: A red-berried rowan branch encircling a tomb on a grey field.
Official colors: Vermilion and alabaster.
(House also serves as a reglious asylum.)
House of the Silk Strings Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Yeno Tiapla.
Crest: A lyre and a vase with blue and violet lotuses ringed by silver coins on a gold field.
Official colors: Amaranth and platinum.
(House of Bards and Traders.)
House of the Silver Star Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Miaka Dahl.
Crest: A silver star with seven rays emanating from it on a black field.
Official colors: Midnight-blue and silver.
(Largely Moon Mages.)
House of the Steel Dove Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Mura Yoala.
Crest: A sky-blue dove flying over two clasped hands, one gloved in plate and the other in leather on a grey field.
Official colors: Blue-grey and crimson.
(Most militant.)
House of the Verdant Lily Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Niir Syela.
Crest: A lily on an emerald stem with petals shading from gold to white at the edges on a white field.
Official colors: Emerald-green and gold.
(Produces the most Clerics, Empaths, and scattering of Moon Mages.)
House of the Waxen Moons Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Usun Sarbu.
Crest: A ring of moons in every stage of waxing circle around single lotus flower.
Official colors: Cyan and ebony.