House of the Grey Storm (group)

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One of the clans of the Elothean nation.


This House is the one that produces the most Warrior Mages, its leader tending toward the patriarchal. The tempers of the House of the Gray Storm are infamous for their shortness, and a strong smell of burnt ozone always lingers around the area that the House was last. Children have stormy gray or green eyes, and ginger, blonde, or fiery red hair. Initiation merely requires that you have an ancestor who was -- or are yourself -- a Warrior Mage. To betray the House means that you are taken out in the middle of a raging storm, suited up in plate armor, and then tied to the ground. Survivors are stripped of belongings and sent on their way. The dead have some dirt kicked over them and are left to rot.

Gerenshuge name: Shoana ilet Dilaan Aurdru.

Crest: A grey and black diamond with a lightning bolt in the upper half and red roots across the black.

Official colors: Charcoal-grey and silver.

Current leader: Neineloa Ilotan'a Paeraik.


The current location of the House grounds can be found within Shard, thru an iron gate on Garden Crescent, near the inner South Gate.