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Eaadrich Gaderfell
Status: Alive
Race: Elothean
Gender: Male
Location: Crossing High Temple (Ranik Map 2)

Currently tends to a large vela'tohr plant outside the Crossing High Temple.


You see Gardener Eaadrich Gaderfell, a tall elderly Elothean. His pouchy brown eyes and coarse grey hair reveal his old age. Slightly hunched forward, he wears a shabby brown robe and a soft deerskin apron covered in grass stains. His only apparent item of wealth is a polished gold ring on his left hand that glimmers softly against his bruised, callused knuckles.

Atmospheric Messaging

  • Kneeling over a patch of beautiful sunflowers, Eaadrich digs between the flowers appearing to be looking for something specific. "Ah hah!" he cries, chuckling softly to himself. "I knew I would find you in here!" Eaadrich pulls a jadice flower from the sunflower patch and tosses it on the ground behind him.
Note: Will produce jadice flower.



  • CHESUM:"Hmm... yes, yes I know Monk Chesum. He is a kind and gentle monk, genuinely pure at heart." Eaadrich taps his cane gently on the ground.
  • COUGH: Raising an eyebrow in your direction, Eaadrich clears his throat. "Well my dear child <name>, when people get old like me, their bodies just don't seem to work too well anymore. The Empaths have done all they can for me." Eaadrich sighs softly and returns to his pruning.
  • FARGIS:Eaadrich chuckles softly. "Yes, Fargis is a funny little man. He has got great potential to be one of the best darn gardeners in Elanthia, with the proper training of course." Eaadrich flashes you a quick wink.
  • FRUIT/VEGETABLE: "Well I grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables here in my garden, it is what the monk's live on here. You know, if you would like to sample some of our wonderful foods, go speak to that weary old monk who is wandering around. He'll give you a taste." Eaadrich smiles softly.
  • GARDEN: "I have been a gardener for most of my life. I have dedicated all my time to the creation of beauty... I can grow beautiful flowers, plants to give food, and trees to give shade. What more can a simple old man like me ask for?" Eaadrich pats you on your shoulder. "It took me some time here but this beautiful garden here is my masterpiece, I am so proud of how it turned out."
  • TEMPLE: Eaadrich looks up at the temple. "It really has turned out quite beautiful... don't you think? I mean the architectural design itself is amazing, not to mention the grounds!" Eaadrich grins brightly.
  • TREE: "Well that is kind of a vague question, <name>." Eaadrich chuckles softly. "There are hundreds of different types of trees in Elanthia, but if you would like to see an example of a beautiful tree, take a look at the silverwood here on the grounds... it is quite beautiful." Eaadrich points off into the distance. "Oh, and if you take a close look you will see a family of birds took quite a liking to it also." He winks at you.
  • VELA'TOHR PLANT: "Ahh yes! This is the most impressive form of flora I have ever seen! It is so fascinating." Eaadrich walks over to the Vela'Tohr plant. "I spend so much time just watching it all day long you'd think I would understand it... but it is so complex!" Eaadrich ponders briefly. "I can tell you this... it was donated by Denizelva, she is a high priestess to some part of the world I have never heard of. I guess these plants grow all around the area she is from." Stopping for a moment, Eaadrich smiles blissfully. "What a fabulous place this must be."
  • WIFE / LOVE: Eaadrich looks down at his ring on his left hand. "I have loved more deeply than you can imagine... and in one fell swoop I lost her." Eaadrich turns away from you, trying to hide his tears.

Atmospheric Messaging

  • Eaadrich's body begins jerking from a coughing spasm, as he pulls a handkerchief from his apron and gently pats the blood from the corner of his mouth. Sighing softly he reaches for a small flask, and takes a few sips to alleviate his dry throat.
  • With a pair of pruning shears, Eaadrich lightly trims the edges of a small peach tree. Stopping for a moment, he pulls one of the tree's fruits off of its limb and takes a quick bite.