Citizen's Log, A

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A Citizen's Log

by Dhidow Modum


Simple words cannot explain the horror and tragedy Mer'Kresh and her ringed city experienced in the year 358. In many ways, I feel that even the World Dragon in all of his malignance could not compare to the pirates of the Red Sash. As I fought to protect my home, I wrote several logs to be sent to my family in Zoluren by Moongate if I were to be wiped off the face of Elanthia during this cataclysm. At the end of the struggle, my notes were lost while climbing a treacherous cliffside on the isle of Hara'jaal. Almost as if fate had intervened, my faithful familiar pranced into the area with my journal.

I do not claim to be a scholar nor a Bardic historian, but I do feel that my personal logs should be shared. Perhaps in the near future, it can be used as an advantage if and when the Red Sash shall strike again.

LOG # 1

I cannot even begin to explain the travesty that has plagued M'riss this very day. A captain by the name of Terak was seen roaming Fala Inisharon, his odd clothing and brilliant red sash immediately made me suspicious. I had heard rumors from the ZEF (Zoluren Expeditionary Force) about these men, and knew that this was indeed a Pirate Captain. He appeared in front of a small group of citizens in one of the bog's cypress trees, making it clear that Mer'Kresh and M'riss were to be surrendered at once.

Shortly after he uttered those very words, we dispatched him for making such inane and preposterous demands. In a blink of an eye, his corpse was snatched by ... something. That -something- was scores and scores of pirates, who killed most of us and severely injured the rest. While we helped more of the dead, they ambushed us, severely crippling our attempts to give help. Most of us were bleeding critically, and already an Empath had joined the stars. With a sigh, a valiant Paladin leader took a few of us across the galley to Mer'Kresh.

Our nightmares were only beginning, when we docked, we found the entire city swamped with pirates. I gazed at the catastrophe with disbelief and shock, we were all picked off one by one. One of the pirates, Miloubrae, appeared before us and set up a barricade at the galley docks. Swarms of pirates arrived at his call, and dispatched several of us, and those who did survive were scattered and lost. I ran to the Carousel for shelter, but not one place was safe from these beasts, they chased me out and murdered me in cold blood. My prized broadsword was confiscated as 'plunder' and I was thrown aboard the Jolas by a rogue pirate. Thankfully, there were reinforcements on board and they dragged me back to the dock, though they too died from the pirate's sinister hand. His eyes blazed with hatred and sadism, his pugnacious demeanor was enough to drive off any would-be rescuers to my location. In what seemed like eternity, a swirling black moongate opened up and I was rescued from my captor.

My body was placed with a mountain of other corpses, the most I've ever seen on the island to date. Clerics were overwhelmed, and told many of the dead to depart. They didn't realized that the dead would depart back into the clutches of the Red Sash, some of the departees were killed as soon as they stepped out of the gardens. The mishandling of the dead proved to be disastrous, we unnecessarily lost too many casualties.

[End of entry]

LOG #2

(Author's note: This is a few days following LOG #1)

Pirate Miloubrae made it clear that for every pirate we kill, 100 Mer'Kresh citizens would be slain in retaliation. Many of us, including me, did not take his threat seriously or to heart. We 'invaded' Mer'Kresh to kill pirates, and he in turn, invaded M'riss. He and his pirates stalked us all around the timber bridge stretching beyond Fever Point Road. As his pirates engaged us, he killed us one-by-one by shooting us from the shadows. We did what any strategic army would do -- formulate a plan. We had two Paladins stationed in one spot, who constantly cast the 'Banner of Truce' spell so the Empaths and Clerics could do their part without fearing the invading armies. Moon Mages would stay with the healers, opening Moon Gates to transport goods (herbs, naphtha, weaponry, and general supplies) and to allow reinforcements to join the our army. Bards played soothing music that eased the suffering of the sick and dying. Everyone else left in adjacent areas killing off the pirates, I stayed with the Empaths keeping a constant breeze to aid in fatigue recovery. (Author's Note: A few hours later)

This might be the end, I'm starting to see the futility of even fighting Miloubrae and his minions. A fellow Warrior Mage and I turned the sky a crimson color several times, even fiery destruction from the heavens is not enough to subdue these pirates. The pirates mocked us, even putting platinums on our head, Miloubrae told them that they'll receive 10 platinum for every mage they kill and 15 for each Paladin they slay. After several days of battle, I think I will go to sleep, and record tomorrow's events.

[End of entry]

LOG # 3

Today, a delusional Cleric wandered in claiming visions of an angel that is suppose to aid in this battle. I've always scoffed at such metaphysical claims, but anything is worth checking out in such desperate times. I led a small group who believed in this Cleric toward the Dunes, Fever point Rd, and finally the treacherous journey to the altar where the Lun'Shele reside. All useless and fruitless. Even still, she [the Cleric] seems very warm and truthful, but was obviously misled. Despite my doubts, I still pretended to be supportive of her, there is no room for pessimism right now.

Two more people walked to the stars today -- an Empath and a Ranger. My memory escapes me, and I forget the names, but both in their way helped in this mass effort to save the province. Battle-scarred and fatigued, I clamber back to my feet and wander to the barricade blocking off entry to Mer'Kresh. A few comrades were there, banging on the barricade but to my dismay, even more pirates appeared and attacked us. Beyond the barricade, I heard a faint rustle which quickly intensified to an all-out calamity. The citizens of Mer'Kresh were rioting! Long moments passed, the rioting slowly dying down, we stood there crossing our fingers hoping that they would be victorious. A pirate, in the most smug voice exclaimed, 'All dead!' brutally smashing down our hopes of gaining Mer'Kresh back.

Shortly after, I talked to Miloubrae who above all shocked me with his responses. He claimed that the Rissan government (Which is comprised of several rich families) not only advocated the destruction but applauded it. He even went as far to say that the Red Sash was actually invited by the government itself. At first I thought he was lying, but I noticed the guardsmen ignore our attempts to get help. The lack of help from the government discouraged many of us, and the uncertainty that they may be involved was simply unthinkable.

Sadly, we're getting -too- many reinforcements, too many people wanting to be leader. We're critically disorganized and are even turning on each other. Today, the new reinforcements waded into Mer'Kresh and one by one, they each got struck down. Before we can reach for help, the wafting of screaming citizens assaulted our ears as Miloubrae started to fulfill his promise. I sheathed my blade, it was over, nothing else to be done. P.S. If I'm called 'Scurvy' one more time, I'm going to scream!

[End of entry]

LOG # 5

A mixed blessing to write in my log today, in fact, I don't even have to write my journal anymore it seems. Reinforcements arrived today, under the leadership of an experienced Knight. They traveled around Mer'Kresh bank and up toward the furrier, engaging and successfully killing many, many pirates. When I got news of their achievement (Since no one was able to have such success in the past) I decided I would join to help rid Mer'Kresh of her infection.

Hours and hours passed, the fighting teetering of the edge of pure monotony. My knuckles cracked from clutching my blade and arms heavy and tired from spell casting. I persevered, knowing that we must win and this nightmare must end! Miloubrae and Terak arrived, as we began our final assault to take Mer'Kresh back. Just as we were getting the upper hand, we heard cannons boom over head near the local bank. We fled to M'riss to watch their hasty retreat in their pirate ship. They fired several cannons into Mer'Kresh city, and just as many onto M'riss as a final strike against us.

Several hours passed and the smoke had cleared, the city was in ruin and the stench of decay was horrendous. Dead bodies strewn from one end of town to the other, their sight sending chills down my spine and their smell stomach-churning. The bank was in shambles, the exterior was badly damaged and its interior staircase completely decimated. Tamris bridge, which allowed for easy maneuverability, was completely torn apart and in disarray. The ZEF hailed our takeover as a 'victory' -- but is it really a victory? Sure we've got back Mer'Kresh, but was it worth the thousands of lives it took?

[End of entry]

Author's Notes:

My logs are hardly complete and I missed many details since I wrote them in such haste. I hope those who have read this far will look at Mer'Kresh in a new light. A small place with inhabitants who have pride, conviction, and tact.

I am a simple Warrior Mage, only Silvyrfrost with her eloquent words and vivid imagination could write a book deserving this prestigious event May this book serve as a reminder that we almost lost Mer'Kresh, but our companionship and mutual respect for one another has overcome what other highly populated places utterly failed in. This is for -all- of the Rissans. By my hand, Dhidow Modum.