Chris' Mass Festival 447

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Chris' Mass Festival 447 is a free festival held in December 2023.


Between December 23rd and December 27th, characters received a festively wrapped package through the new MAIL system from Lyneya. It contained a round cookie tin painted with a winter scene, which held:

In addition, gift boxes were placed in all of the GM offices, each with different charms that could be assembled to create an item:

  • Note: there is a wait time of 2 hours between picking up gifts from each GM office. This is logged in time and is per character rather than account.

Assembled item:

Location and Map

Crossing (portal is at Town Green South)

Map and Shops


  • The cheerful Elven peddler is near the entrance to wrap all your gifts for you!
  • Dancing - Head to the Log Cabin to dance the night away on the specially-verbed dance floor.
  • Ice Carving - Carve different shapes, from small to large.
  • Ice Skating - Sharpen up your skate blades and head to the Frozen Lake to practice your ice skating.
  • Inventor's Worktable - Capture the critter game
  • Sledding - Purchase a sled from Chris' Mass Shop, east, head to the Hill and GO HILL for some sledding fun!
  • Snowballs and Snowmen - Find a snowdrift and grab some snow to throw at a friend (or enemy), or roll them bigger to build and outfit a snowman.

Game Master Places

Note: not all GM offices will be open all of the festival; they are open at the GM's time & discretion.


If you ASK SNOWMAN ABOUT TITLE, you will randomly receive one of the following titles. You can ask him multiple times until you receive the title you want, as long as you meet any criteria for it. The title is temporary, and will disappear when you log out.

Gift Wrapping

The Cheerful Elven peddler is available for all your gift wrapping needs!

Picked Flowers & Food