Tullie's Playground

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Private area for GM Tullie that is periodically available to players at the GM's discretion.

Tidal Flats


[Tullie's Playground, Tidal Flats]
Seabirds call gently to each other in the sky above as waves roll into the shallow tide pool filling the room, the excess water spilling out across a sandy shoreline. Broken crates and scattered belongings leading towards an abandoned ship are strewn down the beach in a haphazard fashion, mixed in with the broken logs and empty shells washed up by the sea. A narrow trail leads eastwards up into the sand dunes and disappears into the seagrass.
You also see a path of stepping stones that slowly fades away as it extends out across the water.
Obvious paths: none.


[Tullie's Playground, Tidal Flats]
Under the sound of rustling feathers, scurrying night crabs hustle to and fro along the narrow shoreline in search of their dinner neatly dodging their way around the mixture of scattered belongings, broken crates, and hollowed shells haphazardly strewn along the beach. In the north, the faint outline of a ship can be seen precariously perched upon the beach but the dim light makes it hard to make out any other details. A narrow trail appears to be leading eastwards up into the sand dunes.
You also see a path of stepping stones that slowly fades away as it extends out across the water.
Obvious paths: none.

Active Items


Saltwater constantly ebbs in and out as waves crash gently against the craggy stone walls of the large tidal pool.  Inside, tiny crustaceans, bright pink starfish, and colorful sea anemones make their home.


Whatever contents once filled this wooden box have been long lost to the sea.


Tattered pieces of clothing and tarnished metal bits comprise the majority of the scattered artifacts tossed haphazardly along the shoreline, though occasional bits of treasure can also be found.


Tattered sails hang listlessly across the ship's deck, no longer held aloft as its center mast has snapped in twain.


Once a home for one of the creatures scurrying across the ground, the shell is now empty and broken open from where a seabird sought out its former occupant.

Small Clearing

Daytime & Nighttime

[Tullie's Playground, Small Clearing]
Waist-high seagrass breaks open at the trail's end to reveal a manicured clearing ringed in majestic copperwood trees and decorated with whimsical topiaries. The soft sound of burbling water fills the room, originating from an opalescent rainbow sapphire fountain sitting in its center. On the north side of the clearing, a campfire smolders in front of a small house painted in garish shades of scarlet and gold. The house's door is thrown open to reveal a soft inviting glow coming from within.
You also see a half-empty whiskey bottle.
Obvious paths: east.

Active Items

A humongous green elephant topiary grown out of yew:

The thick branches of yew are covered in a hefty layer of leaves, perfect for filling in the elephant's body and giving it a perfectly plump shape.  Its lengthy trunk is raised upwards in a curving fashion, almost as if it were greeting a long lost friend.

A playful sea unicorn topiary leaping from a bed of privet:

The thick bed of privet has been left in a slightly unruly state that gives the impression of waves crashing into each other.  Above, the silly sea unicorn almost seems to be tossing its head as if beckoning you over to play.


A speckled grey narwhal leaps from the top of the fountain, ice cold water cascading down its body to land in the wide pool below.


A half-empty bottle of whiskey lies next to the half-dead fire with a small pool of liquid beneath its mouth.  Mixed in with the ashes of the blackened dragonwood are fragments of broken glass and half-burned papers.

Half-empty whiskey bottle (near campfire):

The label on the front of the bottle reads, "Idon's Whiskey - drink with care".

Half-burned papers (in campfire):

Thick soot covers each page, obscuring whatever notes were penciled in.


Daytime & Nighttime

[Tullie's Playground, Parlor]
Clusters of golden starglass orbs dangle from each corner of the small parlor, filling the room with a soft rosy glow and highlighting the swathes of amber and persimmon hued fabric draped across the ceiling. Matching firesilk draperies hang down the walls and frame a large picture window, creating an inviting atmosphere filled with color. Tucked in the corner is a polished mahogany tea cart flanked by a pair of mismatched armchairs.
You also see an open bloodwood door gilded in gold.
Obvious exits: none.

Active Items

  • Window: - looks out to the Friendship Garden


Additional gold has been poured into a rectangular slab and set to act as the cart's countertop, its polished surface a sharp contrast for the natural grains of the darkly stained wood.

A lavish lotusweave armchair patterned in a lovely paisley-inspired print:

Featuring a bold copper and black fabric, the over-sized chair is perfect for taking a long cozy nap in.

A squishy nightsilk throw pillow embroidered with clouds (on lotusweave armchair):

Dusky blue silk is embroidered in powder white threads, giving the impression of afternoon clouds passing across a clear blue evening sky.

A sumptuous nightsilk armchair patterned in a bold polka-dot print:

Perfectly designed to accommodate long reading sessions or short chats over tea, the over-sized chair features squishy cushions and padded arms.

A frilly lotusweave throw pillow spangled in sunset opal charms (on nightsilk armchair):

Each charm is carved in the shape of a different forest animal.
On the tea cart
Item Price Done
some fragrant camp coffee laced with whiskey 0   
a platter of gooey graham cracker sandwiches filled with melted marshmallows threaded with ribbons of chocolate 0   

Friendship Garden


[Tullie's Playground, Friendship Garden]
Delicate unicorn lilies poke their way through the lush foliage lining the small clearing, intermixed with various other flowers ranging in hue from cheery yellows to merry pinks. A wondrous phoenix carved out of marble sits near a storybook bridge that leads east over a small stream, its wings unfurled as if it was about to take flight.
You also see a sculpted applewood trellis bench sitting between two trees.
Obvious paths: west.


[Tullie's Playground, Friendship Garden]
Starglass lanterns strung along the narrow path hang above the beds of unicorn lilies, casting their elongated shadows across the room. The soft light obscures the features of the phoenix statue guarding the eastward-leading storybook bridge.
You also see a sculpted applewood trellis bench sitting between two trees.
Obvious paths: west.

Active Items


The brilliant blooms sprout from thick stems nestled amid their deep green leaves, the delicate petals curling to form the vague shape of a tiny horse's head while the tight spiral of the dark carpel protrudes from the flower's core, tapering like the horn of a unicorn.
  • The following item can be picked here:


Each of the bird's feathers are gilded in gold to best capture its fiery spirit.


Fanciful cutouts along the back of bench's back depict an idyllic forest tea party, complete with hedgehogs and porcupines sipping from dainty tea cups around a sturdy oak stump.