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An offshoot group of S'Kra Mur, the S'Kra Kor are noted worshippers of the Wold Dragon and reside somewhere out in the Reshal Sea. This group is frequently seen in connection with events dealing with the island of Taisidon and have been known to invade the local village of Teil-Minavsel.

It is important to note that their violence is not restricted to only the tropical island, they have also attacked the city of Riverhaven in the past. Though their visits to the mainland are infrequent at best and considered a rarity.

Excerpt from Urshaanin's Singularity

In the passage that describes the "Eight Gifts" there is a line which references the S'Kra Kor people:

A S'Kra Mur is not complete until he possesses all eight gifts, and thus the abominations known as the S'Kra Kor, as they call themselves, we splinter groups that fell away from the S'Kra species before all eight gifts were adminis- tered. Most certainly we do not count ourselves among these low creatures, any more than do the Humans acknowledge goblins among their own.

From the Tour Host on Taisidon Safari

"They think they own the island. They want to claim the village and all else nearby as their own. Fantasy Excursions has taken some minor precautions to protect those now living here, but the S'Kra Kor are determined at times." He harumphs and adds, "Surprising, considering they're an inferior and unenlightened group compared to their S'Kra Mur cousins. I'm not expert, of course."


A notable feature of the S'Kra Kor is that they have glistening black scales, this is seen on both the S'Kra Kor Warrior and the S'Kra Kor Villager. Likewise, they are known to have clawed hands such as those seen on the S'Kra Kor Warrior and S'Kra Kor Shaman.

Thus far, only the S'Kra Kor Warrior is seen to have a wickedly spiked tail. Something which sets them apart from any S'Kra Mur currently known and further reinforces that they are separate races.