S'Kra Kor Shaman (NPC)

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S'kra Kor Shaman
Prime Status: Alive
Race: S'Kra Kor
Gender: Male
Location: Taisidon Safari (Ranik Map TS)
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You look the shaman over, realizing he is a S'Kra Kor and may have news on the recent archaeological findings on the island.

[You can ASK shaman ABOUT COLLECTION to learn more about the pieces to discover.]
[You can ASK shaman ABOUT KOR to learn more about his people.]
[You can ASK shaman ABOUT MYSTERY to leanr more about the island's secret.]
[You can ASK shaman ABOUT several other topics you will have to discover on your own.]


Dark glistening scales cover this overly-tall S'Kra, signifying him as one of the Kor. This splinter group of S'Kra inhabits the island, but very little is known about their culture. A headdress of feathers and animal bone sits atop the shaman's brow and a variety of rods and rattles poke out from his animal-skin belt.



The shaman says, "Treasure huntersss recently discovered a mass grave of S'Kra Kor outside the village. The dig uncovered evidence to support the story that my people were once very advanced and cultured until a calamity dessstroyed them. When the Kor villagers heard of thisss, they ssswept down upon the diggers and most of the artifacts and piecesss were lost."

The shaman continues saying, "The most interessting of these collection itemsss were chests capable of transmuting various materials into other materials. If you are able to locate the pieces and assemble them together, you might be able to recapture some of this lost magic."


The shaman quietly says, "My people, the S'Kra Kor are consssidered uncivilized and a rebel sssplinter group. Very few understand the hissstory that led to this current condition. You might look around the dig site outside the Kor village to learn more."


The shaman quietly says, "Not much isss known about the calamity that dessstroyed much of our people and their advanced culture. I caution, the villagersss will not take tesspasssing lightly and will attack on sight. They desssstroyed a nearby dig sssite and sssscattered many of the entombed artifact pieces around the island. You might dig further at the sssite to see if anything remains to be found that would ssshed some light on thingssss."


The shaman says, "The dig sssite was raided by the Ssss'Kra Kor villagers and many of the piecesss contained within were ssstolen. It may be possssible to collect them all and asssemble them back together to recreate a ssssmall token of the lossst civilization's power. If you find a piece be sssure to STUDY it throughly!"


The shaman complains, "Yesss, yess... an island getaway full of adventure. Ssso long as the localsss don't eat you! My people sssimply wish to live here without the disssturbances from outssssiders. Now that treassssure huntersss have located sssome of my peoplesss' history, it cannot bode well for the future. What wassss hidden sssshould stay hidden!"