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This is a category for spells that cannot be picked up from a Guildleader, but require a quest to gain.

Summary of Available Quest Spells

Bolded spells are signature spells.

Name Effect Type Skill Contest Prep
Duration Slots Mana
Ebon Blood of the Scorpion (EBOTS) Changes Heighten Pain, Siphon Vitality, and Blood Burst metamagic 3 Arcane Magic
Emuin's Candlelight (EMC) +Evasion skill, staggers incoming damage over time standard augmentation, warding 15-100 80-800 10-40 3 Arcane Magic
Fire of Ushnish (FOU) Fire damage, Electrical damage, AoE with a second, half-power attack. battle targeted, area of effect, pulse damage 30-100 250-1,000 Instant 2 Holy Magic
Invocation of the Spheres (IOTS) +Agility (stat), +Charisma (stat), +Discipline (stat), +Intelligence (stat), +Reflex (stat), +Wisdom (stat), Only two from specific stat pairings. ritual augmentation 300-800 250-1,000 30-90 2 Lunar Magic
Murrula's Flames (MF) Self-resurrection provided it's cast before death. ritual utility 300-800 250-1,000 30-90 2 Holy Magic
Read the Ripples (RTR) Add prophetic insight, bypass astrological observation timers, and bypass telescope checks for selected random constellations. ritual utility 300-800 250-1,000 2-10 2 Lunar Magic
Resurrection (REZZ) Brings a dead player back to life. cyclic utility 5-50 80-800 Indefinite 1 Holy Magic
Rite of Forbearance (ROF) Reduced attunement when casting, freezes attunement regen, spells pierce integrity barriers cyclic utility, debilitation 5-5 80-80 1 Arcane Magic
Shadewatch Mirror (SHM) Creates a mirror that scries on a PC (continuous) standard utility 30-100 250-1,000 Indefinite 1 Lunar Magic
Solace Flat damage reduction and potency barrier against holy. standard warding 5-100 10-600 10-40 1 Arcane Magic
Starlight Sphere (SLS) Impact damage, Cold damage, pulsing single target. cyclic, battle targeted 6-33 250-1,000 Indefinite 1 Lunar Magic
Temporal Eddy (TE) Chance for complete damage avoidance per incoming hit. standard warding -1,000 Instant 0 Feral Magic