The Last

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The Last
Status: Alive
Guild: Ranger
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Location: Blackthorn Canyon (Ranik Map 68a)

You see The Last. His high cheek bones and hooked nose resemble those of a hawk. The remains of his last meal have found safe harbor within the scraggly goatee. Despite the obvious lack of personal hygiene, The Last's hunting leathers are in pristine condition. Slung over his shoulders you see a yew longbow. A small pouch hangs from his belt.

The Last is a member of the Emerald Knights whose duty is to light the fuse to large crates of naphtha near the entrance to Blackthorn Canyon. In theory this would cause a rockslide that would prevent the Dark Hand from advancing should it break through Corik's Wall.


  • The Last quietly says, "When the bell tolls, all hell breaks loose. Must be prepared."
  • To no one in particular, The Last says, "Come over the walls they might... past me, never."
  • About himself:
The Last looks up and says, "I'm the oldest Ranger around here, so they call me the Last. Yet, that title has another meaning, if all should fail; the walls lost, the valley and settlement overrun, I'm the one who stops the Dark Hand from moving onto Shard. And I will stop them."
The Last shrugs and says, "Bad things roam around in there. I wouldn't go there for the fun of it that is for sure."
The Last glances off into the distance and slowly says, "I'm here 'case he and his fighters fail. Let's hope it never comes to that."
A warm smile comes across the face of the old Ranger as he states, "That old woman is a blessing in this part of the underworld. Her work with the children is a shining light in the darkness."
The Last sighs deeply.
He continues, "At least they know some joy in their lives before they grow up and face the Dark Hand. Bah... Look at me, an old man getting all misty eyed."
The Last shrugs and says, "A little out of place I'd say."
The Last chuckles to himself.
The Last looks at you and says, "Get it?"
The Last laughs and says, "That old son of a troll! If you count foraging for wheat, barley and hops as a mark of a Ranger then he is your man."
  • About naphtha:
Looking at you a little oddly while slowly thumbing his flint, The Last grunts, "KA-BOOM!"
  • About flint:
The Last smiles and says, "Tools of my trade. When all the signs say to use it... I will. Then we are all no more."
  • About paladins:
The Last nods and states, "Not the type you see in the Chapel in The Crossing, huh? We got a different breed down here, these folks know battle tactics like no other knights I have ever seen. I guess that is what sets them apart from other tin cans. These knights don't stand up to be slaughtered, the tactics they employ are about winning and surviving the battle. No glory down here wasting your life."
  • About rangers:
The Last nods and says, "Some of us have chosen to dedicate our lives to fighting the perversion of nature that happened down here. Some just come and visit and leave; most can't stomach the darkness of this place. Others like Seome go over the wall and are never seen again."
The Last grunts and then says, "A great Ranger Seome was. His exploits in the bowl are legendary. He wouldn't be tied to the wall like some of us but that is a decision we all must make. For a long time he and his band were the ones that allowed us to survive. He took the fight to the evil. Perhaps another Seome will come again."


Just past the canyon entrance on Ranik's Map 68a