Berengaria Cart

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Berengaria Cart
Event Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 411, Shard's South Bridge Street Faire 415, Shard Theater Faire 419
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Game

A cart full of cows has broken loose at the faire! Can you get them back in? Just like other Capture the Critter games, here you'll help round up a mob of little cows.


  • When you see a cow, try to GET it when both hands are empty. You might miss, get stunned, or actually catch it!
  • Cows might escape your grip every ~10 seconds, so run fast!
  • When in the room with the sunrise-yellow cart with flowers painted on the sides, PUT the cow on it or in it for a prize!
  • There is a chance to miss the grab and end up with a tuft of cow fur. Be sure and free up your hands before making another grab!


These cows are considered to be holy, perhaps connected to the Immortal Berengaria in some way.

Cow Sizes

  • miniature
  • minuscule
  • small
  • teeny
  • tiny


Cow Types

  • dappled
  • fluffy
  • glittered
  • rainbow-spotted
  • shaggy
  • sunrise-hued
  • sunset-pink


Successfully catching and returning one of the little cows to the cart (PUT COW ON/IN CART) will reward you with one of the prizes below.

411 Prizes

Food Prizes

Gems Prizes

  • light-purple alexandrite
  • chunk of glittering minerals
  • huge flawed sapphire
  • gold-encrusted quartz
  • scratched emerald

415 & 419 Prizes

Gems Prizes

  • note: Due to the nature of the gem type, each of the above rainbow sapphires may vary in appearance; more documentation is needed.
  • chunk of glittering minerals
  • gold-encrusted quartz
  • huge alabaster egg
  • huge flawed sapphire
  • huge gleaming ivory tooth
  • huge onyx bead
  • huge star sapphire
  • large ivory tooth
  • large onyx bead
  • light-purple alexandrite
  • scratched emerald