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An imbuement rod has a set amount of charges and is an optional tool for use in the Enchanting system. It is interchangeable with using a direct cast of the Imbue spell. Used to imbue an the item at the beginning and the end of the artificing process.

See Crafting Tools for details.

Creation and Repair

Augmenting loop are created using the a <wood> rod from the Shaping discipline or a <bone> rod or a <stone> rod from the Carving discipline along with a number of Sigils.

Their repair falls under metal tool repair.


  Durability Cap Speed Cap
Type Difficulty Weight Durability Speed Durability Speed
Crafted -
simple imbuement rod 06 - somewhat challenging
stout imbuement rod 08 - complicated
precise imbuement rod 11 - very difficult
Store Bought -


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Felstone imbuement rod topped with a laughing skullSkyward Crafting (7)true
Fey-bone rod topped with a carved claw tightly clenching a polished sunstoneReturn to the Keep 431/Incidental loottrue
Forked imbuement rod assembled from twisted wraith-bone piecesSkyward Crafting (8)true
Gnarled imbuement rod resembling a tree limbHouse of the Revenant Fang 433/Incidental lootHouse of the Revenant Fang 437/Incidental loottrue
Ichor-green imbuement rod fashioned from rotting bogbirchSkyward Crafting (8)true
Imbuement rod fashioned from a lirisan branchDroughtman's Challenge 433/End lootDroughtman's Challenge 437/End loottrue
Lollipop-shaped imbuement rod capped with a massive amber stoneSleeping Dragon Corn Maze 436/Incidental loottrue
Polished imbuement rod flecked with sliversBreaking and Entering/Work Room lootfalse
Silversteel imbuement rod topped with a large oval-cut starstoneSu Helmas: Seeds of Entropy/End lootSu Helmas: The Forbidden Temple 434/End loottrue
Spiderweb-covered imbuement rod chiseled from cracked felstoneSkyward Crafting (8)true
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