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Queen Unavia
Status: Alive
Race: Merelew
Gender: Female
Location: Andreshlew
Type: political
Relatives: Galpelus, Amythiel, Arilana, Vorclaf, Inavia, Belirendrick IV

Queen of the Merelew during the first Feast of Eluned (358 AV). Married to King Galpelus and mother to Princess Amythiel and Princess Arilana of Zoluren.


You see Queen Unavia of Andreshlew.
Her non-blinking, grey-blue eyes sparkle even now in her advanced age. Covering her exposed body are blue scales with just a hint of silver along the edges. A single swath of silvery-blue hair runs across her head. It is brushed to the right and pulled into a single ponytail across her right shoulder, proof of her noble status. Her ears are slightly pointed, revealing the once Elven background of the Merelew.