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Amythiel Deladrielas
Status: Alive
Race: Merelew
Gender: Female
Location: Andreshlew
Type: political
Relatives: Galpelus, Unavia, Arilana

Princess of the Merelew at the time of the Feast of Eluned.

Amythiel is the oldest daughter of the King and Queen of Andreshlew.

Andreshlew line of succession is "absolute cognatic primogeniture" or "lineal primogeniture" in which the oldest living child regardless of gender is in line for the throne.

Amythiel's kids would be in line, her oldest is a boy who is married with his own kids, so he would be next after her.


You see Amythiel Deladrielas, a Merelew.
She has silver eyes and a single swath of silver hair that grows from the center of her scalp. It is very longfine hair that is braided and pushed to the left side of her head, and silver scales cover her body from head to toe.

Amythiel's hands are empty but you notice her fingers are slightly webbed.
She is wearing a simple white dress, a white string wrist purse with beaded shell decorations, a shell wristlet, a delicate crown of thin gold wire and white silk slippers.