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See Feast of Eluned for general information about the festival.

Welcome to Andreshlew!

Welcome to the island of Andreshlew, risen from the sea. While we work to cure our beloved home's ailments, we are happy to welcome mainlanders to a celebration of the sea as the Feast of Eluned's Rising returns!

The Provincial Bank of Zoluren has sent a ship to the feast, to enable feast-goers to deposit their coins or make withdrawals from their bank, and has provided guards to patrol the dock and streets. If you leave the streets to attend the games or to visit the palace, they suggest you take advantage of their services.

Merchants will be arriving throughout the weekend. We will send runners to all those in attendance at the Feast, notifying them as ships arrive.

In the name of the Royal family, we bid you welcome --

May you enjoy the Feast!