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See Feast of Eluned for general information about the festival.

Welcome to Andreshlew!

Welcome to the island of Andreshlew, risen from the sea. While we work to cure our beloved home's ailments, we are happy to welcome mainlanders to a celebration of the sea as the Feast of Eluned's Rising returns!

The Provincial Bank of Zoluren has sent a ship to the feast, to enable feast-goers to deposit their coins or make withdrawals from their bank, and has provided guards to patrol the dock and streets. If you leave the streets to attend the games or to visit the palace, they suggest you take advantage of their services.

Merchants will be arriving throughout the weekend. We will send runners to all those in attendance at the Feast, notifying them as ships arrive.

In the name of the Royal family, we bid you welcome --

May you enjoy the Feast!

Events at the Feast of Eluned

"A Plague Brought on from a Feast" by Selthanos Kanan-Ambrodel, taken from The Wren's Nest Tavern

A dark cloaked figure gracefully walks into the bar and settles himself down on an empty bar stool located in a curious corner section, where the light is dimly lit. He lowers the dark hood with a flourish and reveals his regal elven features. His hazel eyes glisten as he further reveals a smile surrounded by a elegantly cut goatee and mustache, uncharacteristic of his mountain elf heritage.

Baresh returns a smile so familiar to the elf. "Hiyas Selthanos.", Baresh says with a grin.

Selthanos returns the smile and says quietly "I hope I reach ye in good health and spirit my old friend. For I bring dire news." Baresh immediately grabs a pitcher of WindHaze and fills his glass half way with the potent fluid, instinctively setting the pitcher down in front of Selthanos. Selthanos smiles broadly and says quietly," Tis OK mate, I have me own." He then reaches into his travelers pack and pulls out a flagon of Elven FrostWynne.

"I have just recently returned from the Feast of Eluned", says Selthanos with an unexpected urgency.

Baresh raises his eyebrows toward the elf with a look of growing curiousity. Baresh quietly inquires, "Ahh..How was the alleged Feast? Was it as grand as its reputation suggests?"

The elf returns a sidelong glance to a bold looking halfling who was staring at the two of them since Selth had walked in.

Selth then continues with renewed conviction, " The Merelew are a most curious people. The beauty of their land is matched by few. I was in complete awe as I first toured the island city and as I left the city for the last time. Though its sundries and goods are a marvel, I fear that this feast has done more harm than good." Selthanos stops abruptly and raises the flagon to his lips for a cursory of a sip.

Baresh returns this gesture with a sip of his own.

Selth then quietly continues, " Near the end of the festivities there was a dinner feast in the Palace where all were gathered to dine in merriment. After a round of dining and such, I and a good friend of mine Befana(Empathic type) wondered into the kitchen to appreciate more of this fine structure known as the Royal Palace. Suddenly, a young halfling runs in screaming repeatedly for help. And after a short moment, two Merelew folk came soon after him. One of them renewed his chase of the halfling. Suddenly, in front of our eyes, the other began transforming into what is known as an Ocular, subsequently aimed a drawn composite bow at me chest. By this time, me instincts had already reacted and me broadsword was drawn even before the bow was pointed. Befana could nae believe what she was seeing but held her composure as a Battle Empath should, in a defensive stance and countenance."

Baresh suddenly shifts his position slightly while still leaning on the bar sideways, facing the elf.

Baresh then whispers with a look of confusion, "This is news indeed. How could any of the Merelew perform such treachery?"

Selthanos takes a long sip of his FrostWynne and whispers, "I will explain, for this is contradictory to impression in which we had gotten from the overall feast, and of the temperance of the Mer folk." Selthanos hesitates with a short sigh and then continues, "More in surprise than anything else I hesitated and began trying to speak to this apparently malevolent shapechanging Merelew before the battle escalated. But before I could speak a word, the bolt had left the bow and drove deep into me abdomen. More in shock than in anything else I began chanting the resolve and to my surprise Befana had simultaneous begun to heal the damage that had been done by the cursed bolt."

Baresh musters a quick compromised grin and whispers, "Ahh..The resolve...The Merelew knew not that ye is a Bard of.."

Selth quickly interrupts and then says with a sudden revelatin of anger, " To my dismay the resolve did nae work on him. He mastered it and gave me a splitting headache. Befana renewed her efforts to heal my wounds in that instant. And as a result, I began to advance on the Merelew turned Ocular, but before I could even get to slicing range, another bolt had driven itself deep in me chest to the point of near death. The Ocular loaded his bow with a desire to finish the battle. Fortunately, Befana begun dragging me to the courtyard quickly to find help and to heal my shattered body. I would nae be here relaying this story if nae for her. She hath saved me life. May the Gods keep her in their embrace and favor."

Selthanos smiles quickly and then grows serious once again. He then continues his dark whisper, "By this time, chaos had broken loose in the palace and reports of Merelew or Ocular attacks had sublimed. Most were confused and enraged from such dark tidings. The Princess of the Merelew, Amythiel, was located and questioned, and a search began for more Ocular whom attacked. A few Ocular were found and killed. But a few escaped. Then there were a few who were found wounded. They claimed that this was an illness amongst the Merelew for lack of water submersion for a long period of time. They were taken to a grotto and changed back from Ocular to Merelew. They later disappeared."

Selthanos stops abruptly and then shakes his head. He subsequently takes a third sip of his Frostwynne and continues his conversation growing a bit louder than a whisper, "A wise Merelew Woman Lyuthiel, recounted the old tales of the Ocular and that they were nae Merelew. The Ocular who were found wounded had lied to save their skin. The Ocular was in fact a seperate shapechanging race of malevolent creatures whom lived amongst the Merelew craving the mainland. They can assume any shape or form of mainland creatures and obviously Merelew."

Selthanos stops again with a look of disappointment. Baresh sighs and inhales a long deep breathe, taking in all that he had just heard as well as the air around him. The elf then continues," There were then confirmed reports that a number of Ocular creatures had fled to the mainland of Arthe Dale. Near the time of the islands submergence, we all gathered in the dining hall in the presence of the King. On my turn , I spoke to the King Galpeus of the Merelew.

Apparently, he said he had knowledge of this danger but did nae want to believe it. As a result, his people had brung a plague to Elanthia in the form of malevolent shapechanging creatures whom have a particular taste for the young sweet halfling flesh."

Selthanos places the FrostWynne Flagon on the bar counter and raises his dark hood over his head with a gracefulness characteristic of his kind.

Baresh, still in awe of the conversation, kept his eyes fixed on the sleek elf's form. He then takes a nervous sip of his WindHaze and looks around self-consciously. Selthanos returns is gaze and suddenly peers through the corner of his eye, noticing that the halfling who was staring before was gone.

Baresh says quietly, " The King knew and he did nae warn us? How could he be so foolish? Surely he knows what danger he has brought to Elanthia?"

Selthanos nods his head and says, " Aye, he was very remorseful and apologized for his error in judgement. King Galpeus promises that he will make amends for what has transpired."

Selthanos adjusts his long dark cloak in preparation to leave. The cloak parts a bit near Selthanos' torso area to reveal shimmering pads of leather which seem to shift and dance in the light. Selthanos says quietly, " We now live in dire times my friend. Take heed of my tidings and be weary."

Baresh replies quietly, " Aye.."

Baresh, with a look of curiousity mixed with confusion, places his glass of WindHaze down on the bar counter, stands up straight, and bows to the elf. Selthanos then stands up and returns this gesture.

"Be well and good!", Selthanos says in a whisper.

Selthanos begins to walk gracefully out of the bar as his cloak flows and ripples with a flourish as if it had a life of its own.

Baresh stares at the darkly cladded elf's departure and shakes his head in disbelief and says, "May the Gods keep us in their grace."