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(Public Records)
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* 416 A.V. - Pledged into service to His Grace, the [[Gyfford|Lord Baron Gyfford Theren]].
* 416 A.V. - Pledged into service to His Grace, the [[Gyfford|Lord Baron Gyfford Theren]].
* 421 A.V. - Bestowed with his first accolade of service from [[Anjinson|Sir Anjinson Shilanthor]].
* 421 A.V. - Bestowed with his first accolade of service from [[Anjinson|Sir Anjinson Shilanthor]].
* 425 A.V. - Bestowed with his second accolade of service from [[Kenamer|Sir Kenamer Maylan]]

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Garrem Malkerrit
Status Active
Race Human
Gender Male
Guild Paladin
Instance Prime

Public Records

He is Sir Garrem Malkerrit, Cavalier of Therengia, a Human Paladin.


He has a triangular face, amber eyes and a classical nose. He has cropped russet hair, with tanned skin and a lean build.
He is a bit over average height for a Human.
He is an adult.
He has a curled mustache gracing his upper lip and a short goatee stylishly groomed and waxed to a sharp point.


  • 421 A.V.

He is wearing a slate-grey cavalier hat with a glacier emerald centered on its band, a thick icesteel pauldron emblazoned with a heraldic hiro bear, a cavalier's side cape of deep black Imperial weave, a full-sleeved ivory linen shirt accented with a loosely tied ascot, a supple leather doublet with tweed sleeves, a polished leather raekhlo with an icy-blue blade hanging from it, some sleek leather trousers with riveted seams, a pair of bucket-top boots of polished black leather and a pair of icesteel spurs accented with glacier emeralds.

  • 415 A.V.

He is wearing a bronze pauldron, a dark linen swordsman's cloak clasped at the right shoulder with a silver pin, a linen swordsman's shirt with a blackworked collar, a dark grey canvas belt adorned with silver studs, a pair of slate-grey scaled leather trousers with burnished steel studs and a pair of grey bucket boots with ebony fur trim.

  • 411 A.V.

He is wearing a hooded soft leather cloak trimmed in hiro bear fur, a white fox pelt tunic, a meshor fox-pelt raekhlo with an icy-blue blade hanging from it, some thick leather leggings wrapped in sinew, some white fur-lined boots and a soft fur rucksack with dangling white fox tails.


Always soft-spoken and polite, Garrem has been noticeably hesitant to share many details about himself or his past. Only the basic facts are known at this time.

Garrem lived for years on the island of Meshor as part of a small Human settlement there. When he reached adulthood, the Elder of the village granted him and others the choice to leave the island and travel the world. Garrem accepted and traded for passage aboard one of the ships belonging to a trade company who frequently came to the island to collect pelts.

First coming to Kermoria by way of Ilithi, Garrem spent some time in the city of Shard before moving North to see more of what the five provinces had to offer. It was in the city of Crossing where he learned more of the Paladins' Guild and eventually joined their membership under Guildleader Verika. His distaste for the social structure of Zoluren and the crassness of its people drove him to move to Therengia and further his studies under Guildleader Cleworth instead.

As he spent more time in Therengia, he grew to appreciate the environment and the people who had so warmly welcomed him. Eventually, he gained citizenship in the area and pledged himself into the Baron's service. Exactly what the Baron will ask of him or what his duties will be in the future is undetermined, however, he continues his studies under Guildleader Cleworth and trains to further advance his position within the guild.


  • 421 A.V.

Sir Anjinson Shilanthor, a retired Paladin, gave Garrem a formal recognition of service and dedication to the teachings of the guild. This recognition was accompanied by a gift from the philanthropist in the form of a masterfully-forged kertig lance.


Since pledging to the Baron, Garrem has found himself a home at Therenborough's Lower East Way. Ensuring that he will always be near should his liege have need of him.


a sturdy red brick house with painted white shutters framing the windows


[Garrem's Home]
Walls of white-washed plaster and an oil-coated pine floor covered by a tasseled cotton rug enclose this small room. In one corner lies a simple stick cot, and near the cot sits a sturdy oak table. A square cast iron stove burns along the far wall with a brilliant gold banner honoring Zozindu Theren hanging above it. The room holds a faint scent of metal polish. You also see an oak door painted with the fabled Corik's Tomb on Meshor and an elegantly-carved ash closet with a silk flag azure in pale a rose argent and a tower sable on it.
Obvious exits: none.


Finding himself to be slightly lacking as a Therengian Paladin, being that he had no horse of his own to accompany him, Garrem traveled to many stables before deciding on his mount. Eventually finding a suitable match for him at the Zoluren Royal Mews, Garrem is now the proud owner of a gelding he has named "Jeoldar" or "Winter" in the common tongue.


The horse is eighteen hands high with a medium dark grey coat and white highlights. It has a light grey mane and tail. It is a gelding and has a wide white stripe running down the center of the face.


Service Pledge to Baron Gyfford Theren in 416

Liurilias says, "Sir Garrem Malkerrit has a pledge to make, your Grace."
Garrem kneels down before Gyfford.
Garrem says, "Your Grace."
Gyfford nods to Garrem.
Athelisa gazes at Garrem.
Dragaus shifts his weight.
Garrem nods politely.
Garrem says, "Your Grace, I have been in your lands for quite some time now and have enjoyed the company of your people."
Athelisa smiles.
Garrem says, "They have been gracious hosts to me and treated me with kindness."
Garrem smiles at Dragaus.
Garrem says, "It is through their influence that I have decided to make Therenborough my home, and its people not just my friends but also my neighbors."
Dragaus nods to Garrem.
Gyfford nods.
Garrem says, "It is in the service of my home that I have asked to speak with you today, to pledge my sword to the Zozindu Theren."
(Garrem places one hand on the hilt of his blade and prepares to draw it.)
Gyfford stands up.
Garrem says, "If you'll allow me to draw, I would like to officially offer my pledge to you under the eyes of all here."
Athelisa smiles.
Gyfford says, "Go on."
Garrem deftly removes the icy-blue blade from his raekhlo.
(Garrem holds out his blade with both hands, the hilt resting in his palm while the tip lies across two fingers on the other hand.)
Garrem says, "This weapon has been handed down through my family for years, it is claimed that the Black Cloud himself bestowed it upon my forefather for services rendered."
Dragaus watches Garrem carefully.
Garrem says, "It is my desire to now have this blade in service to you and your rule. I offer it to you as an oath to be faithful and stalwart in any duty you deem fit to command of me."
Garrem says, "Let my oath be reflected in the protection of my sword, and the loyalty in my heart."
Athelisa smiles.
Garrem studies the ground for a moment.
(Garrem extends his arms outwards, offering the blade up to be taken.)
Garrem offers Gyfford an icy-blue blade set with a glacier emerald in its crossguard.
Gyfford accepts Garrem's icy-blue blade.
Gyfford says, "As I told the Lord earlier..."
Dragaus grins.
Gyfford says, "I reward loyalty with honor and disloyalty with death and dishonor."
Garrem says, "I understand this, Your Grace, and am prepared for it."
Gyfford says, "If you have your mind set on this remember those words and rise."
Garrem stands up.
Gyfford offers Garrem an icy-blue blade set with a glacier emerald in its crossguard.
Athelisa smiles.
Garrem accepts Gyfford's icy-blue blade.
Garrem says, "I thank you for your time and consideration, Your Grace. I shall endeavor to ever be of worth and value within your service."
Gyfford says, "Very well welcome to my service."
Gyfford sits down on the bejeweled throne.
Dragaus nods to Garrem.
Garrem hangs his icy-blue blade from his raekhlo. It rattles against the bastard sword hanging from his raekhlo, and he adjusts them.
Liurilias smiles at Garrem.
Garrem bows to Gyfford.
Gyfford says, "We might perhaps have tasks for you soon."
Athelisa smiles at Garrem.
Garrem says, "It would be an honor, sire."
Garrem smiles as he steps back to join the crowd once more.

Introduction to Gar Rae Raenaden Larohald Trigomas in 417

Liurilias says, "Sir Malkerrit, my Lord."
Liurilias motions to Garrem.
Larohald nods.
(Garrem steps forward to stand in front of Larohald, his head bowed respectfully as he approaches the ebonwood armchair.)
Garrem says, "My Lord Trigomas, I have no question for you or status report to issue but instead would like to offer introduction."
Garrem says, "I am Sir Garrem Malkerrit, a Paladin who has recently sworn his sword in service to the Zozindu Theren."
Larohald says, "Good good."
Larohald nods.
Garrem says, "As the Right Hand for His Grace, I hope that not only will our Lord Baron find my actions honorable but that you will as well."
Garrem bows to Larohald.
Garrem says, "That is all I had to say. My thanks for your time, my Lord."
Liurilias smiles at Garrem.
Larohald says, "You like a fine young paladin."
Garrem says, "Thank you, sir."
Larohald says, "Train hard and remember the code."
Garrem nods in agreement.
Garrem says, "I shall, my Lord."
Garrem says, "Again, thank you."
Larohald says, "And we will have an eye on your progress."
Garrem beams!
Garrem nods to Larohald.
Larohald nods to Liurilias.
Liurilias says to Larohald, "That concludes the list of those who expressed an interest, my Lord."
(Garrem steps backward to join the others once again.)