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Yacov Arnmundiolis
Status Active
Race Dwarf
Gender Male
Guild Bard
Instance Platinum
Relatives Kupatholim, Rayfuah, Kadosha, Dwindella, Sapkarl, Fredrickka

Worships Kertigen
Citizen of Hibarnhvidar, also has family ties to Stone Clan.


You are Grand Master Bard Yacov Arnmundiolis, Ale Collector of Forfedhdar, a Dwarven Bard.
You have a square-jawed face with elegant arched eyebrows, pointed ears and gold-flecked silver eyes and a bulbous nose.
Your silver-streaked black hair is shoulder length and curly, and is worn tousled. You have dark brown skin and a brawny build.
You are tall for a Dwarf.
You are an adult.
You have a thick, evenly trimmed full mustache that droops heavily on your upper lip and a thick beard twisted into three long braids.
You were born on the 25th day of the 8th month of Skullcleaver the Dwarven Axe in the year of the Golden Panther, 345 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.

You are wearing a silvery visored chain helm lined with soft black suede, a silver Bardic Spirit Knot hairstick engraved with storm clouds, a jadeite gwethdesuan, a black gold monocle with silver filigree, a pair of tarnished spectacles, a white birch amulet encrusted with aquamarines in the pattern of the city of Hibarnhvidar, a dashing zibeline greatcloak clasped with a blackened iron globe, a polished bronze scavenger's badge, a clockwork spider, a silver harp trinket, a nightmare-black satin rosette featuring a darkstone butcherbird, a lumpy bundle, a blackened light crossbow bearing a circular cambrinth medallion on the stock, a bardic blue miner's pack with rivets of electrum and platinum, a snug explorer's vest stamped with an emerald dragon, a dashing white linen shirt with a pleated front bib, a silver gilt hauberk with darkened links forming a phoenix at one shoulder, a twisted cambrinth armband, some basilisk fang elbow blades, a leather targe painted with a majestic meadow scene, a silver neithrel band fastened by matching raindrop chains, some beisswurm fang handwraps, some polished mail gauntlets edged with darkened links, a platinum ring engraved with the Estate Holder's crest, a black leather naphtha holder with vial slots stitched to the sides, a tooled leather craftsman's belt with a gold arrowhead buckle, an herb pouch, a card collector's case, a simple iron belt knife, an origami-paper envelope, some brown goatskin pants, a thigh quiver dyed in a brown and green camouflage pattern, some kra'hei fang knee spikes, some germish'din hide footwraps, a pair of scorched ankle boots with brass flame-shaped buckles, and a calcified femur.


Yacov's story properly begins long before his birth when his great-grandmother, an empath by the name of Kupatholim, a native of Hibarnhvidar who had been living in Hvaral during the war between Kwarlog and Therengia. Bereft of husband, sons and daughters lost in that war, she emigrated south to the settlement of Stone Clan, where she remarried and gave birth to Rayfuah, who also became an Empath. Rayfuah was married and gave birth to Kadosha and Dwindella.
Dwindella, a Monk of the Crystal Hand, married Sapkarl, a G'nar Pethian Moonmage. Together they had a son and a daughter, Yacov, and his younger sister Fredrickka, a Barbarian.

Yacov enjoys ale, and began being known for coming up with original drinking songs, for his entertaining talent was exhibited in many taverns.It was suggested by his family that his future lay in the Bard guild, and as both his parents had a particular talent for prediction, both being Moon Mages, he was glad to comply. Although not particularly known to be fond of Elves as a rule, he was welcomed by Silvyrfrost to become her student.
While still a newcomer to the guild, and while having a drink at the nearby Viper's Inn, he was once captured, blindfolded, and held captive by someone who was possibly either an Elf or a Dragonpriest, he is uncertain. There he was made to perform lullabies for his or her amusement, and was struck down when he could not perform them well enough to sooth his capturer.
His death though bought him his freedom for he was able to depart to the Temple with all of his belongings. He never did find out who had captured him.For that reason he is reluctant to drink at the Viper's Inn, or sing lullabies.

Yacov owns a home built into the mountains in the Abandoned Clan beyond Sorrow's Reach.
Yacov enjoys learning the history of many areas, particularly the land of his ancestors in Hibarnhvidar, and writing down the tales, and learning the songs of his heritage.


You recall that you have a stout stone door around Abandoned Clan, Dusty Passage. It is a door, with a window located in a middleclass urban area. Only members of the Dwarven race may live in this home.

The home contains:

Floor: a brown dirt floor.
Attached: an ebony and silver silk rug.
Window: a stained glass Kertigen window.
Armor Stand: a polished dark pine armor stand.
Attached: a blackened great helm edged in silver.
Attached: a Dwarven mining cowl.
Misc Furniture #1: a bulky pine desk.
Attached: a mug of hearty Dwarven beer.
Attached: a purple music box.
Wall: a rough-hewn oak wall.
Attached: a portrait of a chainmail-clad Dwarven warrior with pointed ears.
Fire: a tiny soot-covered brazier.
Door: a door.
General Storage: a driftwood sea chest etched with nautical symbols.
Attached: a collection of leather-bound script anthologies.
Attached: a collection of historical tomes bound in gold-embossed leather.
Attached: a group of well-worn songbooks.
Weapon Rack: a notched dark pine weapon rack.
Attached: a bronze forge hammer.
Attached: a battle axe.
Misc Furniture #2: a simple granite bed.
Chair: an ash bench with painted legs.
Scent: Alcohol


It is appropriate to begin this journal in this month, the month of Skullcleaver the Dwarven Axe - for it was this month that I journeyed, at last, home to the land of my ancestors, in Hibarnhvidar, in the land known as Forfedhdar.

Having achieved 40 promotions in my guild, and entrusting the care of my sturdy pony to the nearby stables, I set out on foot, for there would be too many dangers for a young pony that as yet has no training in the dangers of the wilds.

After a very long journey, I at last arrived. Seeing the sights there made me feel at home at last. Hearing the stories my great-grandmother told me wasn't quite the same as actually being there. I found the local tavern, and enjoyed the hospitality of the locals, and of course paid my respects to Yaziyi, the local bard leader, and, thank Kertigen, a Dwarf!

After a long conversation in which he spoke to me of the history of the guild, of Siryn, of other famous and infamous bards, of the Dragon Priests, and of Hibarnhvidar and the local bards there in that land, he turned to me and said - "this is our homeland. Why not become a citizen here?" I was inclined to agree - although I still will journey throughout the lands. So I became a citizen, and am proud to call myself such. Although I will still hunt outside the province in order to hone my skills - for the mountains here are much steeper to climb than where I was raised, in the clan of Stone.

Next of course was a journey to the local forge. The others of this forge, the Dwarves there are much more skilled than I, so I will do my work elsewhere until it is worthy to be shown in their presence.I tried my hand at many different skills within the forge, although I am only a beginner in the craft.

After forging, I also tried my hand at hunting the foul creatures which reside in the abandoned mine. There I almost met my doom, not to the creatures, but to the steep climbs which make up the cavern itself. It would be embarassing for a Dwarf to meet their demise in such a way, so I have resolved to train much harder to gain the skill to make these climbs.

After my visit, I still had some time left before I was expected by my family in Stone Clan to return to them, so I also made a side trip up to Muspar'i to see the Selinthesa, the local Bard guild leader. The city has many shops with wonderful instruments, but its just too hot up there for this Dwarf. So I was relieved to return to my family, and get back to work, and to practicing in the crafts.

Journal.1st month.10.days.Year.410AV

A number of years have gone by, and I continue to train in the skills my guild has taught me and in various crafts, although I have yet to make any of them my career as of yet. I have achieved 75 promotions in the guild of Bards, and have worked very hard to acquire a weapon that is, naturally, of Dwarven origin, an axe made by the talented crafter Garnaal.

Every Dwarf should know how to wield an axe, and I have acquired a number of them in my travels, but this one far surpasses any other I have been able to wield.

It is a white glaes throwing axe decorated with crimson moonsilver and swirling charoite, and I have used it in my battles with the red leucros that inhabit the lands near the mountains of the Dragon Spine - which is regretfully still held by those abominable Elves and their forsaken Queen. I have also used it to battle the peccaries on the island of M'riss, and some strange things called "moda" east of haven. I practice my magic on these as well, while still continuing my research into the customs of my homeland.