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Description: A property for declaring the speed of a tool.
Type: string
Allows Value: completely ineffective, tremendously ineffective, extremely ineffective, very ineffective, not very effective, sort of effective, rather effective, very effective, exceptionally effective, extremely effective, tremendously effective

There are currently 958 items in this property, 60 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Adan'f armbone pestle +very ineffective  +
Adan'f skull mortar +very ineffective  +
Adderwood-framed sieve of fine tyrium wires +tremendously effective  +
Alabaster bowl with ivy carved in relief around the rim +rather effective  +
Alabaster mixing stick carved in relief with ivy +rather effective  +
Alabaster mortar engraved with ivy around the outside +rather effective  +
Alabaster pestle carved in relief with ivy +rather effective  +
Alabaster-trimmed Wayerd pyramid carved in relief with ivy +very ineffective  +
Aldamdin awl with a gilded anjisis handle +not very effective  +
Aldamdin bone saw with a punka-wrapped handle +rather effective  +
Aldamdin drawknife capped with an hourglass-shaped fire opal +not very effective  +
Aldamdin hide scraper with an enameled handle +very ineffective  +
Aldamdin shovel engraved with charging steeds along the handle +very effective  +
Aldamdin tinker's tools with polished alerce handles +rather effective  +
Alerce bellows with supple doeskin-wrapped handles +rather effective  +
Alerce burin topped with an orange pumpkin +rather effective  +
Amber pins +tremendously effective  +
Angled yellow clamps +tremendously ineffective  +
Angular Wayerd pyramid inlaid with cambrinth moons +rather effective  +
Antler-handled carving knife etched with bolts of fractured lightning +tremendously ineffective  +
Articulated covellite tongs with burnished bronze handles +rather effective  +
Ash stirring rod dyed a bright green +rather effective  +
Asharsh'dai chisels with Imperial weave grips +tremendously effective  +
Audrualm hide scraper etched with falling stars +very ineffective  +
Audrualm hide scraper etched with flying gryphons +sort of effective  +
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