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Description: A property for declaring the quality of a tool.
Type: string
Allows Value: masterfully, outstanding, exceptional, superior, finely, well, above-average, about average, mediocre, below-average, poorly, dismal, practically worthless

There are currently 890 items in this property, 61 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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A smooth belzune mixing stick carved to resemble a long newt tail +masterfully  +
Adan'f armbone pestle +well  +
Adan'f skull mortar +well  +
Adderwood-framed sieve of fine tyrium wires +masterfully  +
Alabaster bowl with ivy carved in relief around the rim +masterfully  +
Alabaster mixing stick carved in relief with ivy +masterfully  +
Alabaster mortar engraved with ivy around the outside +masterfully  +
Alabaster pestle carved in relief with ivy +masterfully  +
Alabaster-trimmed Wayerd pyramid carved in relief with ivy +well  +
Aldamdin awl with a gilded anjisis handle +masterfully  +
Aldamdin bone saw with a punka-wrapped handle +masterfully  +
Aldamdin drawknife capped with an hourglass-shaped fire opal +masterfully  +
Aldamdin hide scraper with an enameled handle +masterfully  +
Aldamdin shovel engraved with charging steeds along the handle +masterfully  +
Aldamdin tinker's tools with polished alerce handles +masterfully  +
Alerce bellows with supple doeskin-wrapped handles +masterfully  +
Alerce burin topped with an orange pumpkin +masterfully  +
Amber pins +finely  +
Angled yellow clamps +masterfully  +
Angular Wayerd pyramid inlaid with cambrinth moons +masterfully  +
Antler-handled carving knife etched with bolts of fractured lightning +masterfully  +
Articulated covellite tongs with burnished bronze handles +masterfully  +
Asharsh'dai chisels with Imperial weave grips +masterfully  +
Audrualm hide scraper etched with falling stars +masterfully  +
Audrualm hide scraper etched with flying gryphons +masterfully  +
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