True Bard D'Or

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The True Bard D'Or
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1
Owner Esmaril
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Music shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Note: You may be able to haggle for lower prices depending on your Charisma.

[The True Bard D'Or, Fine Instruments]
This is THE shop for Bards. Famed far and wide for its range of instruments and things bardic, customers travel far just to shop here and to exchange tunes and to hear the latest gossip from Esmaril the owner. The walls are covered with dozens of music-making devices and glass counters hold strings and reeds and straps. Rows of pigeonholes hold sheet music from a hundred cultures and more. A backroom serves as a performance hall and a place for traveling bards to meet and catch up on goings-on. You also see a dark curtain, a polished lunat counter with a catalog on it and the True Bard D'Or.

Page 1 - Stringed Instruments
Item Price Done
Custom Materials and Woods Available!
Lute - The standard lute. A must for students of the Bardic arts. 375   No
Mandolin - A more difficult instrument, but worth the price. 625   No
Lyre - A simple yet elegant instrument. Good for beginners. 187   
Fiddle - A difficult and devilish instrument. More suited to masters. 937   
Page 2 - Wind Instruments
Item Price Done
Custom Materials and Woods Available!
Flute - The most popular of the woodwinds. Essential to the True Bard. 250   No
Ocarina - A palm-sized instrument that is good for beginners. 187   
Tin whistle - A good wind instrument. Regretfully, not customizable. 187   No
Page 3 - Percussion Instruments
Item Price Done
Custom Materials and Woods Available!
Tambourine - The simplest of all the percussion instruments. 187   
Bodhran - A fine drum that no Bard should be without! 625   No
Bones - A very portable and fine percussion instrument. 187   
Page 4 - Tools of the Trade
Item Price Done
Items denoted by a * have custom woods available.
Items denoted by a # have custom colors available.
Pick - For use with lutes and mandolins. (#) 31   
Bow - For use with the fiddle. Not the type you shoot! (*) 312   
Tipper - For use with the bodhran. (*) 250   
Rag - For use for cleaning one's instruments. (#) 62   
Cloth - For use for cleaning one's instruments. (#) 125   
Repair kit - Essential for repairing instruments. (#) 625   
Repair kit refill - For repair kits. 375   
Six gut strings - For lutes. 625   
Four gut strings - For lyres, mandolins, and fiddles. 375   
Four silk strings - For py'a-py'as, fiddles, lyres and mandolins. 375   
Bodhran skin - Fits the bodhrans sold at this shop. 312   
Tambourine skin - Fits the tambourines sold at this shop. 250   
Page 5 - Cases for Instruments
Item Price Done
Custom Materials and Woods Available!
Medium case - For storage of mandolins and lutes. 250   
Small case - For storage of lyres and fiddles. 250   
Case of silver - For the flute, not customizable (no need to be!). 1,875   No
Drum pouch - Fitted for bodhrans. 500   No
Long pouch - For storage of flutes, ocarinas, and whistles. 250   No
Page 6 - Custom Materials and Woods for Instruments and Some Tools
  • Rosewood +1,875
  • Deobar +375
  • Ivory-inlaid +1,875
  • Ash +250
  • White ironwood +9,375
  • Pine +62
  • Wyndewood +9,375
  • Unfinished +37
  • Oak +250
  • Lunat +2,500
  • Ebonwood +2,500
  • Black ironwood +12,500
  • Maple +125
  • Silverwillow +6,250
  • Crude -125
  • Simple -32
Page 7 - Custom Materials for All Others
  • Brocade +93
  • Doeskin
  • Lace
  • Oilcloth
  • Satin
  • Suede
  • Wool
  • Cotton +31
  • Felt
  • Linen
  • Quilted
  • Silk
  • Velvet
Page 8 - Custom Colors for All Others
  • White
  • Grey
  • Tan
  • Maroon
  • Pink
  • Gold +100
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Black
  • Silver +100
  • Brown
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Aqua
  • Lavender
Page 9 - Song Scrolls
Item Price Done
Essential to the True Bard's performance!
Nissa's Ride - A song of the hero Nissa. 375   
Damaris' Kiss - A song of the god Damaris. 625   
Dark Angel - A somber ode to Death. 375   
Hamael's Song - A tale of Human courage. 500   

>go curtain

[Luthier's, Private Showroom]
Tiny gaethzen globes light the room, adding a soft gleam to the silks draping the displays and tables that feature some of the luthier's more intricate work, available for his most discriminating clients. A settee provides seating, and a small tray offers beverages and snacks to entice those shopping into staying longer -- and buying more. A heavy lined curtain leads back out to the main shop.

an ebony silk-draped table
Item Price Done
ebony violin bow 12,500   No
ebony drum stick 112   No
an ivory silk-draped table
Item Price Done
maple guiro 75   No
ebony guiro painted with silvery stripes 250   
rosewood guiro painted with black zig-zag markings 250   
oak guiro painted with rainbow-colored stripes 125   No
a crimson silk draped display
Item Price Done
intricately stained tapani 9,375   No
temple drum stained a deep ebony hue 9,375   No
mahogany bodhran decorated with intricate cutwork 6,250   No
an ebony silk draped display
Item Price Done
cherry flute stained darker hues down the body 6,250   No
silverwillow oboe stained to depict a night sky 15,000   No
ox horn painted with a twilight scene 15,000   No
a viridian silk draped display
Item Price Done
large rosewood harp decorated with intricate carvings 25,000   
rosewood mandolin embellished with leaf prints 15,625   No
flamewood violin with inlaid ebony swirls over the body 18,750   No