Item:Silver-edged dark song scroll

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silver-edged dark song scroll
Look: Unknown
Core Noun: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Metal: Unknown
Appraised Cost: Unknown
Dimensions: ? length x ? width x ? height
Sources: Source is True Bard D'Or

You begin to sing "Damaris' Kiss" by the famed bard Silvyrfrost.

"Clever Meraud in his tall tower
   Kept Hodierna locked in flower-strewn bower
 Weeping she was, alone and ashamed
   Wound up in twisting,
     and twisting
   Stone chains."
"Kertigen stalked the halls of his home
   Empty of laughter, lightless and alone
 In siege were his men, his creatures, his ravens
   Besieging the tower,
     the tower,
   With all his creations."
"For two years they'd fought on trampled ground
   For two years Meraud had beaten them down
 His prisoner kept as his magic met the attack
   With only Kertigen's words
     his word
   Sending them back."
"And rapidly the war was closing too tight
   And Kertigen it seemed must lose the fight
 But now in the absence of the day's brilliant light
   The Lord of Smiths called
     he called
   The bleak Lord of Night."
"Nightclad he enters, and draws very near
   Softly he speaks, saying, 'You called me here.
 'To partake in a war that is not worth the fight.
   'Yet you are in right,
     'Our brother is not.
   'And yes I will end it, for the right price.'"
"Kertigen glowers, but agrees for his woes
   But the price he requires, Damaris does not disclose
 Nodding he slips from the raven Lord's home
   And turning he ventures
     He ventures
"Through Kertigen's men he passes like a breeze
   And approaches the tower with a swift, silent ease
 Spreading his hands he melds with the stars
   And drops sands of sleep
     of dreams
   On Meraud's creatures of war."
"Now the tower is silent, for the golems have stopped
   The warfield is empty, for his elementals have dropped
 The engines that spewed fire, trouble no more
   And now Damaris slips
     he slips
   Through Meraud's study door."
"Meraud frowns in anger when he sees his brother's form
   His rage gathers round him like a winter's chill storm
 And brings down the lightning on Damaris' smiling face
   Only to find
     To scream at!
   An illusion in the bleak god's place."
"Damaris crept to the bower whilst his brother fought a shadow
   And released Hodierna from her chains amidst the storm's glow
 With a cry of joy she leapt from that place
     and Changing
   To a unicorn, home swiftly raced."
"And back with her husband who drew her in his arms
   And promised her no more would she come to harm
 Till Damaris approached and reminded in voice soft
   Of the bargain
     that freed
   Hodierna from Meraud's loft."
"Damaris smiled as Kertigen clenched his fists
   As the dark-eyed god took Hodierna by the wrist
 'Do not take her!' said the raven Lord wise
   But Damaris just laughed
     And laughed
   At his cries."

"'This I must tell you.' (Damaris closer draws.)

   'Your war I thought useless till your lady I saw.'
 And kneeling he gazed at the lady many wished to command
   And smiling he took her
     by the wrist..."
   "And merely kissed
     the back of her hand."
"Then like shadows he vanished, with a laugh and a smile
   Leaving Kertigen and Hodierna bemused for a while
 And when night's cloak is drawn down by Damaris' fist
   Hodierna lifts her hand
     gazing on it
       and smiles...."
 "As if it were kissed."

The song closes.