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Pig Maze
Event Thorkim Family Farm 429
# of Rooms -
Store Type Game

A game found during the Thorkim Family Farm 429 event.

To enter the pig maze, ASK THORKIM ABOUT COIN twice while having at least one Grooba coin. You can check TICKETS to see how many coins you have.

The room with Thorkim also contains the Thorkim Family Farm, Barnyard, which sells pet chalks & serums.

Finding a Pig

While in the maze, you can find a pig. Each room will message that a pig waddles in a direction OR that they are waddling around the area. Generally, you will want to explore each room in an area until you find the one with the message to search. To find a pig, SEARCH after seeing the following message.

You notice a muddy piglet waddling around the area.
  • SEARCH (success): You search around the area and find a <pig>! The <pig> scampers toward you and oinks happily, quickly deciding you're its new owner. As you reach for the <pig>, it scurries into a soft woven sack with a golden piglet charm, which is the <pig's> home. You pick them both up, claiming your new pet.
  • SEARCH (failure): You search around the area and find a muddy piglet, but it squeals and bolts away!

Incidental Loot









Food & Drink


Live Bug "Pets"

  • note: still confirming which of these are pets and which are home decorations; LOOK at the item when in doubt.

Home Items

Horse Tack