Thorkim Family Farm 429

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About the Event


The Thorkim Family invites you to visit their farm for a weekend of fun-filled pet-themed festivities!

The fun can be found off the Northern Trade Route near Baearholt's Farmhold this weekend only, from December 28th ~@ 9pm ET - December 30th (Tickets go on sale on Dec 28th at 6pm ET)

Merchants will be gathering back on the Thorkim Farm to share their wares with the public! Stroll around the bucolic grounds and breathe in all the fresh country air!

Bribe the farmers with a Grooba coin for a chance to catch your very own pet pig!

Purchase raffle tickets with Grooba coins for a chance to win a custom runic tattoo, custom pig trick, custom TM focus, and much more!

Uncover different qualities in your pet pigs and pet rats with the wares sold at the Thorkim Barnyard for Grooba coins!

SimuCoin Item

There will be some games and activities that require a SimuCoins Store purchase of Grooba coins, which are available in the store in packages of 1, 10, 25, and 50. Grooba Coins function like Duskruin Bloodscrip -- it exists as an item you can sell/trade/gift until you REDEEM it. Once redeemed, however, it will show in your TICKET list and be used at special merchants or events. Grooba Coins cannot be converted BACK to a tradeable item once you redeem them!

Location & Maps

Look for a mud-splattered path north of the Crossing NE gate, in the same room as the trail to Baearholt's Farmhold. Thorkim 2016.jpg

Genie Map

Thorkim Family Farm map (genie).png


Additional Maps

  • Kythryn's map of this event can be found here.


  • See instructions below before editing this table.
  • Please check shop inventory before confirming if inventory is accurate/complete or adding the festival to the individual shop page.
  • Bolded shops have one or items that are new or have updated stats. (Do not bold if it's just old inventory priced in a new currency.)
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Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
1 jungle green tent Monkeying Around monkey pet homes; clothing yes Yes
4 simple leather tent The Traveling Cook cookware; cookable food yes No
5 bright pink caravan painted with dancing pigs This Little Piggy pig pet homes; clothing yes No
6 gold ticket dispenser gold ticket dispenser raffle tokens Custom Tattoo OR Custom Runic Tattoo;Weapon OR Armor Alteration; Weapon OR Armor Alteration Yes
7 large felt-covered yurt Thryntyrlz BagMaker's Yurt containers; clothing yes No
9 white ticket dispenser white ticket dispenser raffle tokens Custom Pig Trick; Clothing Alteration; Clothing Alteration Yes
10 purple ticket dispenser purple ticket dispenser raffle tokens Custom Food Wand with Custom Food; Custom Food Skillet; Custom Portable Stove Yes
11 blue ticket dispenser blue ticket dispenser raffle tokens Pet AND Pet Home Alteration; Clothing Alteration; Clothing Alteration Yes
12 green ticket dispenser green ticket dispenser raffle tokens TM Focus Alteration; Ritual Focus Alteration; Cambrinth Alteration Yes
13 round yellow yurt painted with scampering rats Ratical Retreats rat pet homes; clothing yes Yes
20 colorful wagon painted with playful kittens The Kitten Emporium kitten pet homes yes No
- Farmer Thorkim Thorkim Family Farm, Barnyard pig chalk; pig hunting maze entrance Yes

*This restriction does not apply to every room in the shop. (Some rooms are open to everyone.)

Additional Items of Interest

Along the northern rooms of the festival grounds apples can be picked from the trees in various rooms, while along the southern rooms, ears of corn can be picked.

On various trees and stalks
Item Price Done
ear of corn 0   !!
apple 0   

Pig Maze

To enter the pig maze, ASK THORKIM ABOUT COIN twice while having at least one Grooba coin. You can check TICKETS to see how many coins you have.

Prizes for this Pig Maze event can be found on the Pig Maze 429 page.