Terald's Tent

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Terald's Tent
Event Theren Festival 1
Owner Terald
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Auctions, Housing shops, Weapon shops, Jewelry shops, Magic shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Terald's Tent, Lounge]
Multiple large wooden beams running through the center of this area prop up the tent. Four oil lanterns provide rays of light over several comfortable-looking couches and chairs that are centered around a large ironwood reading table. You also see a tent flap, an ironwood stand with some stuff on it, a bronze plaque and a blue curtain.
Obvious exits: north, south, east.

A bronze plaque reads:
The Chair of Imperial Studies is hereby awarded to Professor Terald Sanfala 
in recognition of his distinguished field research during the course of his remarkable career. 
-- The Asemath Council.
On the ironwood stand
Item Price Done
class-A Terald share 1,000,000   !!
A note reads:
I'm looking for investors to back new and exciting historical expeditions! If you are interested, please read the share on this table for more information, then purchase one if you agree to the terms.

[Terald's Tent, Historical Paintings]
Two Humans stand in front of a large canvas, dipping their brushes on a nearby palette as they enthusiastically paint new scenes. Alongside them lie several already finished paintings that have yet to be purchased. You also see an alder panel with some stuff on it and an oak panel with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the alder panel
Item Price Done
charcoal drawing 9,874   
large map of the five provinces 10,576   !!
large pastel portrait 12,437   !!
large canvas mural 21,345   !!
On the oak panel
Item Price Done
somber oil painting 10,000   !!
vivid gouache painting 14,805   !!
drab oil painting 14,805   !!
bright watercolor painting 16,805   !!

[Terald's Tent, Rare Relics]
Several burly and well-armed guards watch over this area of the tent with a careful eye, lest a well-meaning customer attempt to "borrow" a relic for a closer inspection at home. The guards chat idly over a game of cards at a nearby table, yet a pair of eyes is always on the merchandise. You also see a notice nailed to a wooden beam, a small glass pedestal with some stuff on it, a small glass case with some stuff on it and an aged oak table with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north.

The notice reads:
The minimum bid on these three relics shall be 500 platinum lirum. 

On the glass case
Item Price Done
sleek white gold pendant inlaid with a splendid blood-red diamond Auction   
A parchment reads:
This pendant predates the Seven-Starred Empire, being one of the oldest items in my collection. It has puzzled Imperial scholars, the high council of Moon Mages, and reputedly Aesthene himself, none of which have managed to unlock the secret of how this pendant operates. One power that I have ascertained is its ability to provide light when held by the chain. There has been speculation that this pendant was a creation of one of the first Wizard Kings, but I have found that impossible to verify.
On the oak table
Item Price Done
polished steel Imperial longsword Auction   !!!!
A small sign reads:
Captain Farn Emdarson virtually disintegrated while raising the Zaulfung stones, yet his longsword remained in the swamp. It was presented to the city of Therengia as a remembrance of the sacrifice made, where it stayed several hundred years, before being lost in a battle against the Dragon Priests. I discovered the longsword while excavating this battlefield. Its condition was almost perfect, despite being buried under the soil for centuries. A testament to Imperial craftmanship!
On the glass pedestal
Item Price Done
lock of golden hair Auction   
A small tentcard reads:
This lock of hair came into my possession long ago, passed into my hands by an old Elven lady on the island of M'riss. She knew not its origins, yet proclaimed it had mysterious healing powers in times of need, which I have since confirmed as it has saved my life on many an occasion. I believe this lock of hair is linked with a book fragment I also discovered on M'riss. As such, the two will be sold together.

[Terald's Tent, Quality Artifacts]
Multiple crates and boxes are carefully stacked in the center of the room. An attendant keeps a close watch, restocking the merchandise as needed, and ensuring the customers are well taken care of. You also see a small wooden box, a glass case with some stuff on it, a battered crate, a sturdy weapon rack with some stuff on it and a notice.
Obvious exits: west.

In the wooden box
Item Price Done
scuffed platinum ring inlaid with a smoky black nightstone Auction   
small oak dragon clasp Auction   !!
monstrous black dragon helm Auction   !!!!
A parchment reads:
The dragon helm and clasp were excavated from an old battlefield, its story long since lost to time, near Wyvern Mountain in the province of Illithi. I suspect both items once belonged to an officer of the Dragon Priest army. The platinum ring was also discovered in this area and it contains one of the fabled nightstones, which is rumored to possess certain powers of invisibility.
On the glass case
Item Price Done
antique silver ring Auction   
tarnished silver ring Auction   
slender gold-linked chain fastened with a deep green glacier emerald Auction   
faded oval coinpiece Auction   
A small placard reads:
These items on the case were discovered along the volcanoes past Dirge, close to the ancient chapter house of the Crystal Hand. It's amazing what you can find after digging through lava flows for a year.
In the battered crate
Item Price Done
obsidian-plated backsheath Auction   
black leather armband embroidered with seven golden stars Auction   
black onyx cufflinks inset with red diamonds Auction   
elegant animite and sapphire locket Auction   !!
A small tentcard reads:
None of these items contained within the crate have any special magical properties, as far as I can tell. However, they are all generations old, being relics from Imperial times. All four items were discovered together on a skeleton, in a thawing icepack far up in the Dragonspine Mountains. The ice has preserved them remarkably well over the ages.
On the weapon rack
Item Price Done
antique cup-hilted rapier Auction   !!!!
slim diamondique-tipped pike Auction   !!!!
antiquated curved-bladed khukri Auction   !!!!
long stone dirk Auction   !!!!
slender Imperial dagger Auction   !!!!
darkened Imperial bastard sword Auction   !!
A small sign reads:
All of these ancient weapons have been carefully refurbished to their original condition by the master craftsmanship of Anthyl. The dagger, bastard sword, and pike were discovered on an archaeological dig past Sorrow's Reach. I estimate those weapons to be over a thousand years old. The khukri and rapier were recently found in an old house in the Crossing that was about to be demolished. Those weapons only date back roughly two hundred years. The dirk is of an unknown age, and needs much more study.