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charcoal drawing
Look: Carrion birds circle high in the sky above a day-old battlefield, occasionally diving quickly towards the ground. The dead carcasses of all races litter the area, twisted in grotesque arrangements of all sorts, their faces, if they still have heads, contorted in the pain of final death. Body parts have been hacked off and strewn randomly about, and the innards of many bodies leak onto the muddy dirt -- a tasty snack for a vulture.

Read: The True Horror of the Elven-Human War

Appraised Cost: 12,342 Kronars
9,873.6 Lirums
8,905.987 Dokoras
12.342 LTBpoints
12.342 Tickets
12.342 Scrips
Special Properties:
Sources: Source is Terald's Tent, Rusty Barnacle, River Dreamer, Reinventing the Wheel (3), North Wind's Skimmer, Night Sky's Hair