Tavern Troupe's Performance History

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The Tavern Troupe Performing Order has held many performances and events throughout the lifespan of the Order. From parties to plays, and just about everything in between, they've done their very best to present their audiences with the very best in entertainment. Likewise, members of the Troupe have been employed to perform outside of Troupe-sponsored events. Due to their position as representatives of the Order working abroad, many of those performances have been included here as well.

While not a complete list of the Tavern Troupe's long history of events and activities, this serves as a reminder of recent work.


May 17 - World Jousting Tournament Finale - Kasto, Shenney, and Kelela

  • At the request of the Order of the Theren Guard, the Tavern Troupe provided a trio of Heralds to announce each of the champion jousters who would be participating in the tournament.
  • A great success, their participation was regarded as one of the finer points of the night and requests were made for them to become a standard feature of the jousts.

May 4 - Crystal Vanguard's Nature Galal - All Members

  • At the request of the Ilithian Vanguard, the Tavern Troupe Performing Order hosted their anniversary party and nature gala.
  • Solo performances by Kasto, Shenney, Kelela, and Dreamheart were featured.
  • In addition to the performances and general merry-making, there was also a contest held for "best-dressed" among the attendees.

January 19 - Llorienzel and the Great Tower of Shard - Shenney, Kelela

  • Shown at the lovely Yulugri Wala theater in Arthe Dale, this play was one of many resurrected from the Tavern Troupe's Performance Vault.
  • Written, Directed, and Starring the Tavern Troupe's own : Shenney Morynna


December 20 to 23 - Chris' Mass Carnival - All Members

  • This grand event took place on the Amusement Pier of Crossings which was opened to everyone for the duration of the carnival.
  • Some of the activities included were: fortune-telling, face painting, acting games, a fishing competition, a ball, and a raffle.
  • One major performance took place featuring a play from the Troupe vault, "the Jester." Performed by Shenney, Lydena, Gaelendarius, and Staddin.

November 23 - Ilithi Military Ball - Kasto

  • At the request of the Ilithian Vanguard, the Speaker of the Order made a star performance at their Military Ball.
  • To honor the Commander, Rekave Diebo, Kasto performed a song written specifically for him titled "A far away friend."

October 12 - Macabre at the Wala - Kasto, Shenney, Kelela and Navesi

  • Members of the Troupe take over the Yulugri Wala in order to host several "murderous" activities.
  • Several games were held during this event, including rounds of "Acting Games, by Kasto" and "Trivia with Navesi"
  • This event centered around a performance written by Shenney and Kelela which featured a narration about death.

August 6 - Date Auction and Star Ball - All Members

  • Many of the Troupe's own membership, along with several volunteers, donated their time to be sold at auction to the highest bidder.
  • Held at the lovely Raven's Court, the Star Ball was attended by several of Zoluren's nobility.

May 26 - Debut of the First Land Herald - Kasto and Navesi

  • This exciting new venture for the Tavern Troupe made its debut appearance with an article which focused on the current Elpalzi threat at the time.

May 12 - Showtime at the Wala - Kasto, Dreamheart, Lydena, Khash, Shinumo and Bellicia

  • This was the debut of the Tavern Troupes "Showtime at the Wala" series of concerts and performances.


August 26th - Tavern Troupe Grand Re-Opening - All Members

  • This event was a party and auction which officially announced the newly reformed Tavern Troupe Performing Order to the public.
  • The very first "Acting Games, by Kasto" were held at this event.

August 12 and 19 - The Boy with his Eyes on the Stars - Kasto, Eriniel and Silverdrow

  • This performance was the debut of the newly reformed Tavern Troupe Performing Order
  • This was put on in conjunction with the Traders' Consortium as a feature of their "Adoption Drive" event.



February 17th - Trader Day Ball - All Members

  • Several performances from the members of the Troupe were featured as entertainment for the dancers at the ball.