Taffelberry Faire

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An automated celebration of the Holy Week of Glythtide.

Official Description

Location & Map

The faire is located down a winding farm road from the [Arthe Dale, Greensward] (N, N, W from the Arthe Dale gate), during the Holy Week of Glythtide.

Taffelberry faire 440.jpg

  • An additional map can be found on Kythryn's Journal here


Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
02 applewood wagon drawn by a pair of cremello ponies Reshalian Siegery Suppliers Siegery toys will only be available in 440 Yes
06 rickety stand Minzy's Lemminayd Stand Lemonade and snacks Yes
07 red and white stand Cherries Jubilee Cherry themed clothing and jewelry Yes
08 enclosed area created by several wooden screens Wine Knot Wine and cheese Yes
09 wooden stall sheltered by a flowered awning The Apple Barrel Apple themed clothing and jewelry Yes
11 blue tent Blueberry Hill Blue clothing and jewelry Yes
12 grand wooden building Taffelberry Hall Souvenirs, food, scented logs No
12 oversized origami envelope
only available when the game is running
Origami Envelope occasional Capture the Critter game Yes
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Free Food, Drink & Pickable Items

Real Life Dates

This automated festival starts in game each 26th day of the Skullcleaver. Using the TIME DATE command, you can determine the next event window. Some start dates have been:

  • 20231229 (December 29 2023)
  • 20240407 (April 7 2024)
  • 20240716 (July 16 2024)
  • 20241024 (October 10 2024)

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