Taffelberry Hall

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Taffelberry Hall
Event Taffelberry Faire
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Food shops, Drink shops, Housing shops, Alchemy shops, Container shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Taffelberry Hall, Grand Entry]
Papier-mache lanterns shaped like fluffy pastries hang from the ceiling, throwing a myriad of bright colors throughout the spacious hall. The rainbow of lights provides a visual complement to the sweet smell of freshly baked goods saturating the air. Fresh hay crunches underfoot, releasing an earthy scent of sunshine and grassy fields. People bustle in and out of the doorways, moving quickly but never seeming harried.
You also see a painted door and a small calendar.
Obvious exits: north, east.

[Taffelberry Hall, Gift Shop]
Stacked crates tipped upside down serve as counter tops for a smattering of simple souvenirs of the fair experience. Glassware and other fragile items are set on a high shelf, away from little fingers, while a basket on the floor filled with soft and cuddly toys distracts young shoppers.
You also see a squat stand with a black glass mortar etched with taffelberry branches on it.
Obvious exits: south.

On the squat stand
Item Price Done
black glass mortar etched with taffelberry branches - masterfully/rather reinforced/not very effective 3,750   
On the high shelf
Item Price Done
smoky glass goblet etched with a series of taffelberry bushes entwining around its surface 625   
On the stacked crates
Item Price Done
dark canvas shopping tote painted with a large taffelberry 375   
felt pennant embroidered with the slogan "Taffelberry True!" in bright purple thread 312   
silver tankard etched with a taffelberry emblem 4,000   
purple satin rosette trailing lavender and pink ribbons 125   
In the small basket
Item Price Done
standing soft pink pig plush doll in a crinkled leather skirt and posed blowing a kiss 375   
bright orange carrot plush doll with its eyes sewn closed in upside down "U" shapes 375   
fluffy blueberry plush doll with fuzzy green felt leaves and big pouty lips 375   
A small note reads:
"These turnabout dolls were lovingly stitched by Bernithna Rakestraw in honor of this event."

[Taffelberry Hall, Eating Spot]
Fragrant steam drifts from a table set along one wall, bathing the room in rich aromas. The main floor area is covered in smaller tables ringed with chairs, each covered with cheery fabric and set with a basket of flowers. Stacks of plates sit on the nearest table, ready to be carried away for washing.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the long table
Item Price Done
pitcher of taffelberry tipple 0   !!
mutton stew 0   
taffelberry pie 0   
chocolate s'mores 0   !!
woven basket filled with some crunchy fried peccary skins 0   !!
several loaves of fresh honey-drizzled bread 0   

[Taffelberry Hall, Tall Tells]
Chairs and benches ring the center of the room, assorted casually but arranged so that every seat offers a good view of the performance. Lanterns are positioned at various points throughout the room to add or hide shadows as needed by each storyteller.
You also see a gloop bucket, a large wood stove with a roast suckling pig on it, some colorful benches and a wood bin.
Obvious exits: west.

On the wood stove
Item Price Done
roast suckling pig 0   
In the wood bin
Item Price Done
elm log 375   !!
hickory log 187   !!
walnut log 375   !!
cedar log 375   !!
lemon-tree log 375   !!
zulnatha log 375   !!
copperwood log 375   !!
pine log 375   !!
rotting beech log 187   !!
A side note reads:
"These logs have been carefully harvested to preserve their natural aroma as they are burned. The last one put in will overpower any placed in previously."