Spiteful Rebirth (2.0)

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Necromancer thumb.jpgNecromancer Guild
Spiteful Rebirth
Abbreviation: SRE
Prerequisites: Necrotic Reconstruction, Consume Flesh
Minimum Prep: 0
Casting Cap: 0
Valid Spell Target: Self
Description: Among the most esoteric forms of transcendental magic are the dead patterns, which only those who have thrown off life may cast. Spiteful Rebirth is regarded as the most useful of this strange magic, which has the humble goal of defeating death itself.

Through Spiteful Rebirth, a Necromancer can replicate the iconic ability of liches to rise bodily from death with nothing but his own magic. Properly used, it knits together the corpse, then forces its heart to beat, nerves to flare and countless other somatic actions which resuscitate the dead from physical principles. The soul is said to "snap back" upon the restoration of life -- though this process is far from pleasant and leaves the Necromancer crippled for some time. Liches are said to gain some special benefit from this magic, but we do not know what, precisely, that is.

The seeming miraculous nature of this spell makes it the most... philosophically contentious of those we agree to teach. Some Philosophers regard it as spiritual necromancy for its treatment of the soul and steadfastly avoid its demonic taint. Others regard mastery of physical resuscitation as a vital preliminary to understanding the greater Alchemy of Flesh. If nothing else, Spiteful Rebirth is the worst possible thing to bring up in polite conversation.

Example Messaging: ALIVE: You trace an arcane sigil in the air, shaping the pattern of the Spiteful Rebirth spell.

You play with the spell pattern in your mind, but stop short of preparing it. As one of the dead patterns, its magic is useless to the living.


DEAD> Bracing yourself for pain, you concentrate on the Spiteful Rebirth spell. Your unnatural nervous system fires sluggishly even in death, forming the spell pattern.
Your corpse begins to shake violently, sprouting new mass to replace its lost organs. The magic forces its heart to beat, artificially mimicking the rhythms of life. After a few seconds of torturous convulsions, you experience a violent sense of dislocation and pain! You immediately snap from your disembodied state back into your body, gasping for air like a newborn babe.

Third person:
<Necromancer>'s corpse begins to shake violently, its roiling flesh sealing up gaping wounds. The convulsions reach a fevered pitch and then abruptly stop when <necromancer>'s eyes snap open! <He/She> lies in a fetal position, wracked with pain and gasping for air, but clearly alive.


  • With the spell learned, Necromancers may DEPART DEATH to resuscitate themselves with no memory loss. This temporarily cripples the Necromancer with a potent version of Death's Sting and brings him back at the very brink of life, but it allows him to remain in full control of his possessions and location. There are limits to how often a living necromancer can DEPART DEATH: there's a hard limit per 24 hour period based on his Spirit Health and Stamina, and a short-term limit that he cannot use it again while still laboring under the Death's Sting from a previous death.
  • There is no RT involved with using this spell, you can DEPART DEATH and immediately leave a dangerous situation.
  • Using this spell twice, or with Call from Beyond will result in becoming forsaken, and a death at the hands of the Immortals. Once a forsaken, you will not suffer a death at the hand of the Immortals other than for Divine Outrage.

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