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Parnore Stavonark
Status: Dead
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Elpalzi
Gender: Male
Associates: Shartug

Elpalzi serving under Shartug as a Lieutenant during Sorrow's War. Dutiful soldier, but would prefer peace. Moon Mage.


You see Parnore Stavonark, an Elpalzi.
He has green eyes and shoulder length straight black hair around his face that is pulled into a ponytail. Sparse dark brown and tan hair covers his body in a spotted pattern.
He is in good shape.

Elpalzi actions in aftermath of Sorrow's death, from Apostle's list

From: Lawson Matthew <cereberal_jabowski@
Date: Thu Jan 18, 2001 8:12 pm
Subject: Meeting with Parnore (kind of long)

As some of you have known the path along the reach is now opened up for you to access. Last night Parnore and a few other people including my Cousin Ceranos was at the meeting with one topic, Peace. Parnore admitted before them all that he wants all the bloodshed to stop. His conditions was Everything up to the waterfall is ours, everything else is theirs. The Prince insisted that the Elaplzi return to their homelands and eventually Parnore agreed. In one Elanthian week the Elpalzi Army will march back to their homeland north of the keep. I repeat in ONE ELANTHIAN WEEK THE ELPALZI WILL LEAVE THE REACH. Henceforth which was agreed at the meeting that if anyone harms any of the Elpalzi are assaulted on their way back to their homeland that the penalty is death beyond comprehension. Also something interesting which was brought up at the meeting was that Parnore finally broke down and told everyone that also Shartug is missing along with Sorrow and Prayk. In fact Shartug disappeared the same night that the incident at the stones happened. Parnore mentioned that Shartug may of left thinking he was the cause of the explosion at the stones. He also made a request that Shartug to be found and returned home which the prince readily agreed. My cousin is not quite sure whether or not the Prince has given Parnore visitation rights to help the search on Shartug.

Cereberal Jabowski- Elven Empath of the Second Circle