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Tigron Graystrom
Status: Alive
Guild: Thief
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Male
Location: Shard
Associates: Bilgrath, Natashya, Blackton, Saeryl, Talako, Mhaylana

Tigron is one of the Enforcers for the Thief guild, last known to be working in Shard.

He was active during both the Sorrow and Outcast Wars, and involved in guild business in between that time. The last time Tigron was seen was in 2007, seeking revenge against one of those who failed to protect his long time friend and colleague Natashya.

Tigron was first introduced during the Sorrow War as one of the thugs working with the Thief Guild to carry out contracts for the necromancers Sorrow and Sidhlot. As a result of his activities he rose in the ranks to become a Guild Enforcer.

He operated from Shard during the Outcast War, attempting to enforce the Guild's decision of staying neutral in Shard. Blatant behavior by some thieves drew too much attention to the operation and he went underground, using others as liaison for meetings.

It was claimed that he like many other Gor'Togs, was a slave owned by S'Kra Mur. At a young age he was tortured by his owners for speaking out against them(possibly in song). He was hung from a tree for several days kept alive by empaths and bards. Extensive scarring built up on his neck that and made it extremely painful to talk, because of the prolonged damage the scaring is unhealable. He later hunted down those responsible and killed them. Reportedly he is a mute, and uses a slate and chalk to do most of his communication.

Tigron is a melee fighter, rumored that he could backstab using a two-handed sword.

One summary, source unknown

Tigron Greystrom: Gor'tog thief; Tigron was born into chains as a slave to the S'kra Mur.
If you don't know about the S'Kra - Tog thing, there's a book in Crossings, Aunt Olma's Tog Story I think it's called, you can read about it. During this time, Tigron sang songs to his companions, and one song in particular irritated the S'Kra beyond measure. They tortured him, and hanged him over and over for it, with Empaths on hand to keep him from dying. He was kept there, unable to breathe or scream, and inches from death, suffering, all because of a song, and because of what he was. That's what the scars on his neck are from. The S'Kra took his voice away. After freedom, Tiggy walked all the empaths that had helped the S'kras, and joined the organization. Beyond this, I don't know much more about him, besides the scouting for bards he has done for Sorrow. Every once in a while he'll still keep a hair from an unfortunate bard who finds themselves in trouble with the afore mentioned organization, and sell it to Sidhlot. He wrote once, "I break people."


You see Marauder Tigron Graystrom, a Gor'Tog.
You cannot make out his features with the clothing he is wearing.
He is venerable for a Gor'Tog.
He has a tattoo of a grinning skull with flame-filled eyesockets on his face.
He has severe scarring along the neck.
He is holding a brass pipe in his right hand.
He is wearing some black leathers with dark metal studs, a gleaming albredine ring, a leather cowl, a sturdy brown backpack, a battered oval shield, a studded greatsword harness, some black studded leather gloves, a black gem pouch, a soft leather lockpick case with a shadowy crest burned into it and some soft black steel-toed boots.


You see Skullcrusher Tigron Graystrom, a Gor'Tog.
He has mismatched eyes, one milky blue and one crystal blue. He has green-grey skin with a severe scar round the neck.
He has a tattoo of a grinning skull with flame-filled eyesockets on his face.
He is in good shape.

He is holding a lead pipe in his right hand.
He is wearing an albredine crystal ring, a pair of stiff leather riveted boots, a black gem pouch, some black leathers with dark metal studs, a gleaming albredine ring, a troll-claw necklace, some black studded leather gloves, a soft leather lockpick case with a shadowy crest burned into it, a necklace made up of a number of tiny rat skulls sewn onto a brilliant silver thread, a sturdy brown backpack, a sack, a studded greatsword harness, a dangling silver skull earring set with brilliant ruby eyes, a leather cowl, a shadowy black hooded cloak and a battered oval shield.