Weather Beaters (3)

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Weather Beaters
Event Guildfest 431, Guildfest 438
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Lirums

[Weather Beaters, Sunny Day Showroom]
Sheared wool carpet in hues of pale beige gives the floor the appearance of a sandy beach, making it the perfect background for the colorful merchandise displayed throughout the wagon. Large gaethzen spheres dangle from the ceiling like fiery suns blazing on a summer's day, washing the area in bright light. Sago palms planted in embossed earthenware pots provide living sculptures, their graceful fronds freshening the air.
You also see a carved wooden counter with several things on it, a tiered silver rack with several things on it, a gold-gilded stand with several things on it and an arched door.
Obvious exits: east.

On the wooden counter
Item Price Done
sparkling pair of spun rainbow overalls featuring daisy-white hearts 250,000   !!
loose daisy-white lotusweave trousers with wide cuffs 400,000   !!
long daisy-white lotusweave tunic with an open v-neck 400,000   !!
daisy-white storyplait sarong draped in graceful folds 400,000   
ruffled lipka cotton sundress shaded in delicate daisy-white hues 150,000   !!
A wooden counter reads: "Color-Changing Clothing"
On the silver rack
Item Price Done
pair of rimless glasses with dark amber lenses 150,000   
fashionable sunglasses with elongated cat-eye frames 150,000   
rainbow-shaped sunglasses with sparkling violet lenses 150,000   
riveted steel sun goggles with darkly shaded lenses 150,000   
platinum sun goggles with gold crystal lenses 160,000   
These will show up in a characters features.
On the gold-gilded stand
Item Price Done
curving pagoda parasol of fine ivory floral lace 50,000   
colorful quatrefoil parasol of swagged storyplait and a triquetra handle 350,000   
sparkling spun rainbow parasol with a polished e'erdream handle 250,000   
dainty lipka cotton parasol shaded in delicate sunrise hues 550,000   
pale lilac lotusweave parasol with a lacquered plum handle 350,000   

[Weather Beaters, Rainy Day Showroom]
Glass panels built into the wagon's roof, allow light to filter through multi-hued blue gossamer, which drapes the room. Tiny crystals stitched to the gauzy fabric sparkle like raindrops on a stormy day. Darkened paper-mache clouds sway from wires bolted in the ceiling, as customers move about perusing merchandise for sale. In the corner stands a fountain, surrounded by potted ferns that fill the air with the scent of dampened foliage.
You also see a padded bench with several things on it, a tiered oak rack with several things on it and an ebonwood stand with several things on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the padded bench
Item Price Done
dramatic songsilk raincoat patterned with cloudy white notes 600,000   !!
cloudy white nightsilk rain cloak fastened with a hexagonal abyssal quartz 200,000   !!
cloudy white mistsilk rain cape strewn with shadowy phantom sapphires 750,000   !!
watersilk rain poncho shimmering with a cloudy white sheen 150,000   
elegant camlet rain poncho in cloudy white hues 200,000   !!
A padded bench reads: "Color-Changing Clothing"
On the oak rack
Item Price Done
cheerful pair of puddle-stomping boots with songsilk laces 250,000   !!
slim pair of pale blue rainboots with dainty camlet ruffles 150,000   !!
sleek rainboots accented with abyssal quartz buttons 150,000   !!
knee-high mistsilk galoshes with phantom sapphire studs 700,000   !!
tall pair of glittery blue galoshes dangling mermaid's chalcedony shells 300,000   !!
On the ebonwood stand
Item Price Done
diaphanous mistsilk umbrella edged with shadowy phantom sapphires 700,000   
sleek nightsilk umbrella topped with a hexagonal abyssal quartz 150,000   
watersilk umbrella flecked with mermaid's chalcedony shells 300,000   
dazzling songsilk umbrella with dangling absinthe emerald charms 700,000   
dainty pale blue umbrella with camlet ruffles and swaying silver bells 150,000