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Technique Descriptions


Basic Stone Splitting

Basic stone splitting enables you to more effectively carve out smaller stone materials used in the creation of other, larger designs. Learning more advanced techniques requires knowledge of these fundamentals.

Improved Stone Cutting

Improved stone cutting techniques focus on larger stone materials used in the creation of more complicated designs. If you wish to learn more about carving weaponry and furniture you must first understand these concepts.

Improvised Stone Weaponry

Improvised stone weaponry covers the most basic ways to create deadly weaponry from ordinary stone. Metal will always overcome stone, but what better way to be a true survivor than learning the tricks nearly forgotten to antiquity? Learning more about weapon carving requires mastery of this technique.

Sophisticated Stone Weaponry

The sophisticated stone weaponry technique explores larger and more advanced ways to craft weaponry from stone.

Masonry Methods

The masonry methods technique explores the most basic arts of shaping stone into usable forms. Although heavier than other materials, stone offers a beauty not found elsewhere. More advanced techniques focusing on container and furniture design require knoweldge of these fundamentals.

Stone Furniture Design

Due to their large size, stone furniture often proves more than a crafter can handle. Learning the furniture design technique will reveal new methods for simplifying this process.

Stone Container Design

Continuing down the path of functional carving, the technique of container design explores shortcuts and tricks to more easily craft large, immovable container objects destined for use as furniture.

Decorative Stone Design

The decorative design technique explains new ways to craft jewelry and other worn pieces for the common citizen. Knowing this technique will allow access to tricks for carving accessories more suited for society's upper class.

Accessory Stone Shaping

Accessory shaping teaches more about carving decorative wear themed for the wealthier citizens.

Proper Carving Tool Care

The Proper Carving Tool Care technique teach how best to make use of stone and bone carving tools and supplies. Masters of this technique will find their tools wear out less quickly.

Carved Material Detailing

High quality stone and bone materials and tools are always in short supply. The Carved Material Detailing technique explores how to work around material flaws with less capable tools, resulting in a higher quality finished product.

Humanoid Form Carving

The study of huminoid forms grants an advantage to shaping the eleven races into stone figurines and statues. This basic understanding is required to learn more about carving animal and monster forms as well.

Monstrous Form Carving

Only a few survive long enough to observe the intricate details of monsters found in the wilds. Learning the monstrous forms technique will greatly aid the process of carving these dangerous creatures into stone figurines and statues.

Animal Form Carving

Though less deadly, animals often evade artisans' efforts to observe them. Mastering the animal forms technique shall aid your efforts to carve figurines and statues of these majestic beasts.

Likeness Carving

Recreating the specific image of a person, place or thing and recording it forever in stone stands in high regard with the guild. By committing the likeness carving technique to memory you will find this process much easier.


Basic Bone Collecting

Grants the ability to use ARRANGE ALL when skinning. This training will enhance your ability to arrange all of a corpse for skinning, and improve the quality of materials harvested.

Improvised Bone Weaponry

Survival often comes from using what is at hand. The Improvised Bone Weaponry technique allows you to better carve crude bone weapons.

Sophisticated Bone Weaponry

The bones of some creatures can prove a match for the strongest steel. Training with the Sophisticated Bone Weaponry technique will grant competancy with carving even more complicated bone weapon designs.

Accessory Bone Armor Design

Accessory Bone Armor Design reduces the difficulty of carving protective bone pieces for various areas of the body.

Torso Bone Armor Design

Training with Torso Bone Armor Design will grant insight into the creation of bone armor for the chest, abdomen and back.

Extremity Bone Armor Design

Knowledge of Extremity Bone Armor Design allows for easier carving of bone armor covering the limbs.

Complete Bone Armor Design

Carving bone armor to cover the complete body becomes much simpler with knowledge of the Complete Bone Armor Design technique.

Decorative Bone Carving

The Decorative Bone Carving technique explores ways of simplifying the creation of most jewelry and accessory wear.

Bone Armor Strengthening

Bone Armor can be enhanced to provide additional durability with the Bone Armor Strengthening technique. THIS IS NOT LIVE. DO NOT CHOOSE THIS AS A TECH.

Bone Armor Reinforcing

Additional protection can be lent to Bone armor with the Bone Armor Reinforcing technique. THIS IS NOT LIVE. DO NOT CHOOSE THIS AS A TECH.