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News and Events

RIP Syance Seord. Our hearts are broken and we will miss you always. Love and peace to you forever. We are so sorry you are here no longer.

Do the Provinces fear you? Are you one who doesn't belong?
Looking for a place where you can be who you were meant to be?
The doors of House Seord are open to you.

Walcar Seord
Seord Coat Of Arms.jpg

House Motto - "Nadoren rae li Seord Kirm"
House Motto translated - Brotherhood of the Dark Blood

House Coat of Arms - The parts of the coat of arms are as follows:

House Crest - A single drop of dark crimson blood.

House Helm - A blood red full-faced battered metal helm.

House Shield - A smoky black cartouche circled with seven flames blazing toward a center lustrous blood ruby representing seven masters joined as one family.

House/Shield Supporters - The cartouche is supported on either side by a radiant phoenix clutching healing herbs.

House Slogan - "Aman Gaen Usho!"
House Slogan translated - My People United!

Special thanks to Founder Walcar Seord and Mother Syance. You both will always have a special place in our hearts.

Members of the House

Head of House

Masters of the Seord

  • Tricky Eteladric Seord
  • God of War Zalan Seord
  • Sultry Fire Siren Bellicia Silver-Seord
  • Porm Star Pormithius Seord
  • Meanma Meantermel Seord-Hawt
  • Palindromic Xillix Seord
  • House Trader Greedy Lerdaru Seord
  • House Moon Mage Porm Star Pormithius Seord

Daughters of the Seord

  • Favored Daughter Annalyse Althaea-Seord
  • What a Nuisance Ntel Seord
  • Cold Blooded Beale Seord
  • Nothing Tin Sylvryhart Seord
  • Lotsa Lunacy Luff Seord
  • Its not pronounced LAAArry Larienna Forest-Seord
  • Triage Strategist Maween Seord
  • Princess Daughter Aerella Silver-Seord
  • Nutella Nuela Silver-Seord
  • From A to Zufti Seord
  • Amazingly Adorable Amarillys Seord

Sons of the Seord

  • Rifter Larzick Seord
  • The Color of Chrymson Seord
  • Adorable Arimnestos Seord
  • Twin Rottenzeal Seord
  • Not a Greenie Grenhart Seord
  • Assassin Slowdog Seord
  • Nimble Gnomie Glimblewik Seord
  • Pools O'Drool Poloth Seord
  • Lackadaisical Laflakapa Seord
  • Lego Lover Legiro Gysse'Eil'Seord
  • Durable as Hell Durriel Seord
  • No way Nienn Seord
  • Zippity Zook Stormstrike-Seord
  • Ballyhoo Balaraj Seord
  • Sarjimawhatcha? Sarjimagrafa Seord
  • Barfly Barovia Fireflash-Seord
  • Not a Mess Tybress Seord
  • Mini-Mean Crobin Seord
  • Adorkable Aedineus Seord
  • Meanma's Granbaby Dunchadh Seord
  • Abra Calabra Forest-Seord

Guardians of the Seord

  • Perilous Perias Seord
  • Cleric Padhg Silver-Seord
  • Toughy Terfinicus Seord
  • Simply Sarset Seord
  • Talented Tallen Seord
  • Wah-Wah Enwah Hawt-Seord
  • Well met Sekmeht Hawt-Seord
  • Wound Thief Taledon Seord
  • Never old Nuvalli Seord
  • More Moral Morlen Seord