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Annieka Dejacque
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Ranger
Instance undisclosed
Relatives Maxwelinski, Charlize

You are Devout Annieka Dejacque, Untamed, an Elf.
You have elegant arched eyebrows, a luminous pale silver will o' wisp swaying from one of her pointed ears, sparkling crystal blue eyes and a button nose. Your golden-streaked blonde hair is long and straight, and is worn in a simple, loose style.
You have tanned skin contoured with glittering swipes of translucent crystal dust and a lithe figure.
You are a bit over average height for an Elf.
A pack of moonsilver wolves with multifaceted phantom sapphire eyes float lazily around your waist, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your skin.
You appear to be an adult.
Your forearm has a tattoo of a lush sana'ati tree with spreading roots.

You are wearing a gold amulet fashioned to resemble a lion's head, an enticing wasp-waisted corset fashioned from shadesatin and night diamonds, a silversteel mesh dagger harness banded with ice sapphires, an Elven gold upper arm cuff set with a sparkling azure rivertear, an archer's brace pad reinforced with bleached bone, a wide Ilithian cedar thumb ring bezel-set with a nightfire opal, an archer's thumbguard of mottled leather, a shadowy loincloth that floats like a whisper in the wind and some fur-wrapped black leather combat boots.