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Lady P
Status: Dead
Aliases: Penelope
Guild: Moon Mage
Race: Unknown
Gender: Female

Lady P (also known as Penelope)

Prominent Moon Mage in recent times involved with the Mirror Wraith Prophecy, but was killed by Kellior, an undead masquerading as a Paladin. He was subsequently killed by Demosel. The Music Box that she had been taking care of was lost into the depths of Obsidian Pass shortly after her death. It is believed to be held by the Mountain Elves.

Though she is referred to by a lich in a number of official texts, it's more likely based on the facts of her existence that she was an extremely skillfully made Risen.

Summary of the book on her from Profiles in Magic

Originally, she lived before the formation of the Seven Starred Empire, possibly on another continent. She was killed and became an undead lich, though she did not know it.

She did live, at some point, during the Empire, though. She was astrologer of exceptional skill, and concentrated much of her studies on the phenomenon known as the Bloodworm Comet. The red comet occasionally appears in the constellation of the Mongoose, usually as an omen to great upheaval or a threat to the power of the gods (the Mongoose is the emblem of Rutilor, the defender of the gods).

She taught Sanyrsen Astoshe, Mortom Saist, and Taramaine Braun while becoming close friends with Demosel. She never wrote any books, but her teaching and assistance helped with a great deal of research. Her most famous effort was with "Phelim's Aegis", which enhanced enchantment knowledge a hundredfold.

She carried two artifacts with her: a ring and a music box. According to Penelope, the ring was a magical method of teleportation. It is the only such artifact known to exist. Another treasure of this lich was a small music box. This music box is said to have played the sounds of the souls of children. In addition, any living being who came into contact with the music box was driven insane, making it extraordinarily dangerous.

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