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Samarah Riverhawk
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Ranger
Instance Prime
Relatives Aspasia, Kristala

Samarah Riverhawk is an Elven Ranger and a citizen of Therengia who owns a home near Therenborough.



│   Lavaeron    │─┐                                   ┌─────────────────────┐ 
│ Undojen'pelci │ │   ┌────────────────────────┐    ┌─│ Aespaesha (Aspasia) │
└───────────────┘ │───│   Allanae Aldahrien    │─┐  │ └─────────────────────┘
┌───────────────┐ │   │Undojen'pelci(DarkBrook)│ │  │ ┌─────────────────────┐       
│Lessiara Orviel│─┘   └────────────────────────┘ │  │─│     Kristala        │        
└───────────────┘                                │──│ └─────────────────────┘   
┌─────────────────┐                              │  │ ┌─────────────────────┐                               
│    Valandil     │─┐ ┌────────────────────────┐ │  └─│     Samarah         │
│   Ilayaagins    │ │ │   Astarielle Dreori    │ │    └─────────────────────┘   
└─────────────────┘ │─│  Ilayaagins(Riverhawk) │─┘                 
┌─────────────────┐ │ └────────────────────────┘
│ Tannarlea Aldael│─┘


Born in Throne City on the 3rd day of the 3rd month of Lirisa the Archer in the year of the Iron Toad, 368 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer. Third daughter of Astarielle Dreori Ilayaagins (Riverhawk) of Leth Deriel and Allanae Aldahrien Undojen'pelci (Darkbrook) of Throne City.

To be continued...


She is slightly under average height for an Elf, and has fair skin, elegant arched eyebrows, delicate pointed ears and crystal blue eyes. The blue-black hair that frames her face and flows down her back is very long and straight. A starry twilight sapphire is worn on her forehead, just above her eyes.


A dark grey spidersilk cloak with small silver symbols embroidered on the inside edges, an antiqued filigree clasp overlaid with a crimson shield bearing the embossed gold image of a rearing silvery gryphon, a storm grey harness, an intricate moonstone lily dangling from a fragile silver chain, a soft-black velvet peasant blouse that swathes delicately off the shoulders, a fitted silk bodice beaded with golden lyrandia vines, a wide leather arm cuff branded with the crest of the Ranger guild, a silver bracelet with an eagle charm dangling from the clasp, a small animite ring, an albredine crystal ring, a white owl feather charm, a sinuous silver hip-chain set with emerald ivy leaves, a snug knee-length leather skirt slit up the side, some loosely knitted black knee socks with small crimson velvet bows accenting the back seam, an Elven silver anklet and some calf-high black suede boots with silver clasps


  • Cichisdogan (Little Brother), a baby raccoon.

Samarah enjoys conversation but also enjoys being quiet and just listening at times. She chooses her words carefully when saying what she believes is necessary, and is good humored, polite and respectful. She can be playfully mischievous at times.


  • Being of service to others, meeting people and making friends.
  • Any challenge that tests her knowledge, experience and abilities, and that provides her with the means to learn something new.

Favorite Sayings:
"The only thing that always stays the same is that nothing ever does."
"I've never seen a wild thing feel sorry for itself."
"There are many ways to say the same thing."

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