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A Barbarian has at their disposal the ability to use roars to intimidate or disable an enemy, or to inspire an ally. Roars which act upon foes are generally referred to as Intimidation Roars, while roars that bolster the Barbarian's allies are referred to as Battle Cries.

Beginning at 5th circle, a Barbarian can learn a new roar every ten circles from one of the various Barbarian guildleaders.


Roaring is done using the ROAR command.

The primary statistic for enhancing Roars is Charisma, though Strength, Stamina, and skill with the weapon in hand may play a part in some Roars. See specific entries for non-standard enhancements. The ratio of people within your group compared to the number outside it will affect the strength of your roar; the more allies you have the more potent your fear, but the more enemies you face, the less you intimidate. In addition, combat range and your position also will enhance or penalize your attempts, with closer enemies and overwhelmed enemies being more susceptible to your attempts.

Voice recovery time may be improved with the Vocals skill, however, this is a minor effect, with the maximum bonus to recovery occurring at about 100 ranks in Vocals..

Roars may be additionally boosted with the use of Berserk Nightmare, Roar Helms, or Warpaint, and defended against with Roar Cloaks.


Below is a basic listing of the Roars available to Barbarians. Check Phii's Keep for an excellent, detailed listing of Barbarian Roars.

Roar Requirements Teacher
Kuniyo's Spirit 05th circle Agonar
Death's Embrace 05th circle Mo, Les
Tempestous Fury 05th circle Mo, Les
Caution of the Spider 05th circle Anhh'shre
Anger the Earth 05th circle T'Kiel
Everild's Rage 15th circle Agonar
Serpent's Hiss of Warning 15th circle T'Kiel
Trothfang's Butchery 25th circle Agonar
Banshee's Wail 25th circle Mo, Les
Weighted Justice 25th circle Anhh'shre
Screech of Madness 25th circle Stumara
Slash of the Shadows 25th circle Stumara
Lash of Torment 25th circle Stumara
Death's Lullaby 25th circle Tusfaov
Death's Shriek 35th circle
+ Death's Embrace
Mo, Les
Mage's Lament 35th circle Anhh'shre
Magic's Bane 35th circle Anhh'shre
Insane Laughter 35th circle T'Kiel

Battle Cries

The effects of Battle Cries apply to both the Barbarian and their group.

Battle Cry Requirements Teacher
Honor 05th circle Stumara
Steadfastness 05th circle Tusfaov
Bravery 15th circle Mo, Les
Vengeance 15th circle Tusfaov
Bloodthirst 15th circle Anhh'shre
Superiority 25th circle T'Kiel
Pride 35th circle Agonar
Nobility 35th circle Tusfaov


Corporeal undead are highly resistant to Roars, and incorporeal undead are completely immune.

Roaring within the boundaries of many towns is considered a crime and will garner warrants for Disturbing the Peace.

It is currently impossible to unlearn Roars and Battle Cries, although it is possible that a system for rechoosing Roars may be made available in the future.

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