Kuniyo's Spirit

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Kuniyo's Spirit
Slot Cost:
Difficulty: Unknown
Type / Skill: roar /
Use Cost: 1 voice pulse
Contest: /
Description: Agonar nods slowly at you. "I can teach students the use of that technique, yes. The roar of Kuniyo's Spirit weakens the will of your enemies, and thus they feel more pain from the slightest cut."
Effect: Causes enemies to become stunned easier.
Messaging: Visualizing the technique as you were taught, you focus your entire being into expressing the Spirit of Kuniyo to your adversaries. A vicious roar erupts from your lips with your attempt to strike fear into the hearts of your foes.

<Person> snarls like a wolverine as a vicious roar erupts from his lips in the Kuniyo's Spirit style of intimidation.

<Target> appears to have less will to fight for a brief time.

<Target> laughs off <person>'s pitiful attempt to weaken <his/her/its> will to fight.