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Description: A property for declairing an NPC is a member of a guild.
Allows the special value of creature for creature NPCs not of any adventurers-guild. Is a subproperty of Property:Member of and Property:Guild association is.
Type: Page
Allows Value: Bard, Barbarian, Cleric, Empath, Moon Mage, Necromancer, Paladin, Ranger, Thief, Trader, Warrior Mage, Commoner, creature

There are currently 740 items in this property, 262 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Aatuska +Bard  +
Adim +Paladin  +
Adinax +Cleric  +
Adisla +Bard  +
Aedash +Bard  +
Aedem +Warrior Mage  +
Aeloshiia +Cleric  +
Aemmin +Warrior Mage  +
Aenthen +Cleric  +
Aerthe +Warrior Mage  +
Agehrilor +Cleric  +
Agnese +Thief  +
Agonar +Barbarian  +
Aguisian +Thief  +
Ahlureis +Necromancer  +
Akil +Warrior Mage  +
Akiran +Cleric  +
Akrian +Cleric  +
Alamgir +Necromancer  +
Albuam +Bard  +
Alec +Bard  +
Alicia +Moon Mage  +
Alrina +Thief  +
Alris +Empath  +
Alsu +Moon Mage  +
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