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Description: A property for declaring what the defensive SvS contest type is.
Type: string

There are currently 83 items in this property, 20 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Aether Wolves +fortitude  +
Albreda's Balm +willpower  +
Ambush Choke +fortitude  +
Ambush Clout +willpower  +
Ambush Ignite +reflexes  +
Ambush Screen +reflexes  +
Ambush Slash +reflexes  +
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Anger the Earth +reflexes  +
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Arc Light +fortitude  +
Avren Aevareae +fortitude  +


Banner of Truce +willpower  +
Burden (spell) +fortitude  +


Calm +willpower  +
Compel +willpower  +
Crusader's Challenge +willpower  +
Curse of Zachriedek +fortitude  +
Curse of the Wilds +fortitude  +


Damaris' Lullaby +willpower  +
Dazzle +fortitude  +
Deadfall +reflexes  +
Death's Embrace +fortitude  +
Death's Shriek +willpower  +
Demrris' Resolve +willpower  +
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