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Re: Zoluren Noble Houses: An Introduction · on 10/6/2010 8:41:33 PM 5128
** House Sorvendig **

The most well known of Zoluren's Great Houses, House Sorvendig currently rules from the throne in Ulf'Hara Keep. The family gained power and influence the old fashioned way: by force and by marriage. They have strengthened their royal bloodline by marrying into House Chelochi, House Tirof, the Morzindu Weyato, the Andreshlew nation, and a coupling with then rival House Alshaerd. When marriage didn't work, they resorted to underhanded political machinations and even rumored accounts of those with dissenting opinions disappearing after visits to the Sorvendig estates. The family lands encompass the city of Rivercrossing and its surrounding environs. Their crest features a raven clutching a sheaf of grain (sometimes pictured as a sheath filled with grain). The current ruler of Zoluren is Princess Arilana Sorvendig, until Belirendrick Sorvendig IV comes of age.

GM Jaedren

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